Okay, never thought at 38 I would be saying thia.

I'm a big guy (yeah, fat. Working on it). But I decided to start looking into dating apps. Hey, Others bigger guys have success.

I'm in a good place, great kid who is starting to hint ahe wants me out of the house more, marriage is 100% done. Great job, and i have a lot going for me. (Took me a while to admit it).

But guys… I cry. Anything emotional. Golden buzzer on agt? Bawl. Kh3 ending? Cry. Ending of Glass? The rivers floweth. Even certain songs on the radio. It's embarassing. I'm scared shitless that we will be having a great night and boom, trailer for captain marvel comes on. Or she'll share one of thos soldiers coming home videos.

Not loud waaaah! crying. Just quiet huffs and tears flowing.

My filter that used to stop this is gone. Therapist says ita normal. But… Ugh. Can i get through this?

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