Vidyard only slipped some super exciting report yesterday — they will be pre-releasing their video app to iPhones( sorry Androids) and are admitting employments to try it out.

With the app, you’ll now be able to create and share videos conveniently on-the-go, so you almost never miss an opportunity to connect.


The app will allow you to record from virtually anywhere without your computer.

I was one of the luck Vidyard useds able to try out this beta a few weeks back and have found it extremely useful so far.

My day-to-day consists of hiring with our inbound guides and as you are familiar, season is of the essence when it comes to this.

With this new app, even when I’m away from my computer, I’m still able to record a speedy video letter to connect with makes I hear come through, rather having to wait or worse, related to the follow-up with a boring aged email to planned a is now time to chat.

Why You Should Attend About The App?

Well, aside from constructing personal video follow-ups easy to do in your auto, on your tread to another consumer assemble, at a coffee shop, or even at a seminar, there are a knot of benefits to this new app.

Quicker Response Time

We aren’t ever glued to our computers, but we are, for the most area, glued to our telephones and have email notifications come through regularly throughout the day.

Instead of waiting to get back to your desk to enlist up an email response, you can now send back a video within instants instead of waiting a few hours or even the whole daytime.

This also facilitates when expressing responses.

Sometimes, it’s precisely easier in the moment to verbally respond and give certain things than it is to write out an email that might not using the same impact as a video would.

Greater Level of Authenticity

Video from your computer is already personalized – but when you’re be permitted to get it on from your telephone, it offers an even deeper elevation of authenticity.

It shows your prospect your height of responsiveness and commitment to getting back to them.

No Webcam, No Excuse

This allows teams that don’t have the indulgence of having a computer with a webcam the opportunity to get 1:1 personalized video themes out.

Whole New Level of Customer Service

If you’re in the service industry, you can now have your crew record speedy video contents while on the road, giving consumers know they are on the way for a transmission, service, or position.

It too allows the customer to position a name to a face and build trust much quicker.

Higher Level of Comfort

A lot of smartphone users previously use video on a daily basis, whether that’s on Instagram, Snapchat, or even Face-time.

This familiarity of recording on phone calls might raise some solace to those that feel excitable about recording on their computers.

Curious what the video was like from the app, check it out below:

Features Included in the App 😛 TAGEND

Access to share any of your preserved videos( easy to grab the link and text it to promises/ clients too)


Ability to interpret each notification of “whos had” watched your video

Admin access to other chronicles if you need to share videos other squad members have entered

Ability to supplement catchy designation


Features Not Included in the App:

Analytics — but retain the object of this is more so to record videos on the go rather than a full its consideration of your video metrics.

Can’t choose between static and GIF thumbnail.

You don’t have the ability to go in and change out CTAs. Your videos pull in the one “youve had” setup as a default value.

Apply Today!

You extremely can apply for the pre-release( if you’ve got an iPhone iOS 10.4 or higher) here.

As any pre-release, it’s important to retain things are still in the works, but you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience and proposal penetration into boasts you think it would be helpful to have.

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