I am not a fan of changing middlemen, but some dealers make their product so pulling that I have to change. Upstox is one such intermediary where I liked their boundary so much that it has become my favorite middleman in 2020. Let me share my review of Upstox with you, and then you can decide for yourself.

My Criteria of Good Broker

There are specific criteria that I like to judge my intermediaries on. Lower brokerage is one of them, but it is not the prime reason to choose a broker.

So my view of a good intermediary and select Upstox is as follows 😛 TAGEND 1. Better Charts

The first and the most important criteria for selecting a broker are they should have the best graphs within the trading terminal.

If shows are subpar, there is very little that I ogle further when selecting my broker.

Relaxo Ascending Triangle

One of the most important criteria to select Upstox as a middleman in 2020 is their graphs are integrated with Tradingview– which is the app I use for graphs on my blog and in my Right stock at the right price for the right time book.

2. Clean Web Interface

When the broker’s web interfacing requires a learning curve, I like to avoid using them. One of the main cause I moved away from traditional intermediaries is that they had a terribly cumbersome network interface.

The move from Motilal Oswal to Sharekan to Zerodha and now to Upstox has a specific criterion. The entanglement interface has to be simple enough that a 10 -year-old boy can also use it with ease.

Because I use Mac and not windows, I prefer to be using the web interface. Motilal Oswal at that time exclusively had a Windows application, and the web boundary was almost non-existent.

Upstox Web Interface

The interface is much similar to Zerodha and with charts of TradingView well integrated.

3. Cleaner Mobile App

Though I use WeBull for the mobile apps to check the stock price, I use WeBull because it doesn’t require me to log in. Moreover, I don’t execute markets from mobile.

However, Upstox mobile interface is as simple as its entanglement interface.

4. Good Reports for Taxation

The next critical criteria for me is to have taxation reports handy. Though Upstox doesn’t have reports like Tax-loss harvesting like Zerodha, it still has all the reports one needs to file the income tax returns quickly.

The only caveat is, there is no way to move from the web interface to the reports interface, and one has to login to the reports interface separately. Nonetheless, when you open an accounting, they will guide you and let you know about it.

5. Low on Brokerage

In my Upstox review, I am sure you can sense that the cost is the latest criterion to select a brokerage.

Still, a penny saved is a penny earned.

When one can get the same quality of services at a low brokerage cost, one should consider these low-cost brokerage services.

Upstox has a very low brokerage of [?] 20 per craft or 0.05%( whichever is lower ), and as usual, the transmission transactions are free. As an investor, I wish delivery-based without perimeters, and so for me, it is all free.

Wholly Online Account Open Process

The best part I like about opening my Upstox account that I just wanted to share with you in this review is opening a fully functional demat account without indicating a single document. Everything is very well-integrated digitally.

So let me share the complete process with you to open a brand-new demat and trading history with Upstox.

Start by record your PAN number along with your time of birth. You can penetrate my username EE4816 for a catch gift.

Upstox Review Account Open

Upstox will fetch all the details from your PAN card, so you don’t have to enter them again. Simply a few cases necessary information and we are capable of proceed further.

Upstox Review Account Open

I ever avoid futures, options, and commodities, so my penchant is only equity.

Upstox Review Account Open

Voila. This is where you will get the chance to win a free asset completely free furnished you have entered my referral ID in step one. However, the gift can motley from time to time. Currently, they are offering one free section of any one of the shares.

Make sure you click YES to proceed.

Upstox Review Account Open

Note: The one share will be purchased on your behalf, and it will get credited to your demat detail. The quantity will show a negative balance, but it will be reversed in a day or two.

The next step is to add bank details. Add these details with care as the fund transfer will be from this bank. Moreover, the gain that companies swear will likewise be credited into this bank account.

Upstox Review Account Open

Now upload your clue. If you don’t have a scanner, use the Adobe Scan Android App to alter your mobile phone camera into a scanner.

Upstox Review Account Open

Choose the demat detail program. Lite- Free detail was a very good pick to start with.

Upstox Review Account Open

Finally, e-sign the documents. You will need the mobile number linked to your Aadhar card.

Upstox Review Account Open

The process to e-sign the document is relatively simple.

Once you start the e-sign process, you will receive OTP from Aadhar on your registered portable list. Enter the Aadhaar number as well as the OTP, and your employment will be e-signed.

Upstox Review Account Open

Once the e-sign process complete, you will see the following message.

Upstox Review Account Open

Someone will substantiate your detail in a day or two, and you will get the username and password to start trading in your demat account.

The process is relatively simple and all digital.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upstox

How to Deposit Funds into the Upstox Account?

Once your detail is operational, one has to deposit money into the account to start trading. The process is relatively simple and under the Store Tab, sound the Deposit Store button.

Enter the amount you wish to deposit and choose a payment method. I elevate using Netbanking even if it expenditure [?] 7 per transfer.

Upstox Transfer Funds

The interface will send you to the bank interface. Once you see the payment, the amount will reflect in the Upstox interface.

Upstox Funds

Refresh the page, and the amount will become available to trade.

How to Buy Shares in Upstox?

To buy a share in Upstox, hover your mouse on the left panel’s stock word and clink the B button.

Upstox Place Buy Order

Enter the number of cells you want to buy. Make sure you select the title commodity for either intraday or transmission. Like boundaries, I don’t recommend intraday trading either.

Upstox Confirm Order

Confirm and locate the order.

If you have selected the limit order with a buy premium lower than the current vendors, your dictate will be under the pending state.

Upstox Order Status

Once all the sums are acquired, the line-up will automatically complete.

Upstox Order Complete

And you will see the shares under the open positions. The option to open the positions alternative is in the bottom right corner of the web interface.

Upstox Open Positions

How to Sell Shares in Upstox

Selling shares in Upstox compels CDSL permission to debit the shares from your account.

To sell a share, hover your mouse on the left panel’s stock reputation and clink the S button.

Upstox Sell Order

The next screen will help you generate the PIN from the CDSL website, and then one can place the sell degree on Upstox.

It is a new mandatory process for brand-new chronicles, so brokers can’t move the stock out of your demat history without your consent.

Upstox CDSL Pin

First, follow the instructions under. I don’t have a PIN. Copy your BO ID and click on the Generate PIN on CDSL.

Upstox Generate Pin

You have to enter your BO ID and PAN number on the CDSL site. They will approve the process with an OTP.

Upstox Verify Pin

Enter the OTP to generate the PIN to sell shared on Upstox.

Upstox Get Pin

Now revert to the Upstox screen and continue on the process of I have a PIN

Upstox CDSL Pin

You will open the PIN on the CDSL website and return to Upstox. Then you will have an option to review the sell guild and send the guild to the exchanges.

Upstox Place Sell Order

Is Upstox Registered Broker with SEBI?

Yes, Upstox is a cross-file stockbroker with SEBI. Their SEBI Registration No. is INZ0 00185137( as RKSV Protection India Pvt Ltd ).

Upstox is also a are part of NSE, BSE, and MCX stock exchanges and CDSL and NSDL central depositories.

Is my Asset Safe with Upstox?

Definitely. Any SEBI registered middlemen mean your investments are safe with them. Furthermore, your demat detail is with CDSL, and so your shares are in the demat chronicle with CDSL, which means your investments are safe.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I like to mention that Upstox is going world-wide. It means we will have an option to invest in US-based fellowships as well. However, it is not yet live, but they assured me it is coming soon.

Click now to Open an Account with Upstox.

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