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This is my first post to Reddit, I’ve been meaning to join for awhile, and here I am.( ew that convict was gross)

So here are some of my absolute favorite musicals that are underrated

https :// youtu.be/ 9Q5CnWCYtRY Fun Home

This is the only melodic I know that has a lesbian booster.( Please tell me some of you know some more oof .) But yeah, Fun Home isn’t accurately extremely underrated, as it prevailed five tonys, but I don’t know many people( online or otherwise) who have listened to it. It centers around the life of a girl reputation Alison as she’s writing comics. The fib depicts different parts of their own lives; as small children, as a college student detecting herself, and as an adult.

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= 1t-9etLIimU& directory =P LDp8 7Bvljut93x1M3OZokTw-oi8HxjCqb Bare: a pop opu

( The daddy opera, cause the musical is trash. Too, it’s gonna be a movie soon so I’m super hyped .) Bare follows the story of a boy referred Peter and his lover Jason, and the other students of the Catholic school they attend. It deals with coming of age and a lot of homophobia- specially religious homophobia.

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= 4N6bOlItyHA& roster =P LoOMq9 9XCZGG9UW8-y3DZKxPJP1LBmnYz Yank the Musical

This melodic, far and away, is the most underrated on this list. The musical starts with some buster( we never know his epithet) meeting an old soldier’s periodical in a clutter store. The journal belongs to Stu, our main reference, who is now been engaged in members of the military in 1943 to contend in WWII. Stu precipitates in love with another soldier, Mitch, and in all regions of the musical we encounter them both be submitted to calls with themselves.( I’m not gonna curdle it oof .) But earnestly, to give you an idea of how underrated this show is, it’s most popular song has only 18 likes and exactly above 1,000 veiws.( check the link for yourself lmao)

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= ccan4G 7aUdo& directory =P Lippx6Zg 45 J8oBTVtMg6ShO7ZeVawLnra Hedwig and the Angry Inch

A German genderqueer transexual punk-rocker from East Berlin. Nuff said. If you like all types of rock, this melodic is for you- each recording has a slightly different take over the mode. The tie-up goes to the original record, but there are accounts with NPH and Andrew Rannells if are you gonna check those out. Hedwig is also a movie, and you can buy it for like 4 bucks on youtube ,… but it’s rated R so be careful kiddos.

https :// www.youtube.com/ watch? v= o1rOyg16CsE& index =P L2l-YHNP9imk0TBq5UX58gsJzaO04KARp A New Brain

If you liked Falsettos, you’ll possibly like A New Brain. If you haven’t like to hear Falsettos, I would do that first, but since I’m merely including underrated establishes, I’m not to be incorporated now. Anyway, A New Brain is by William Finn, the same guy who wrote Falsettos( woooow who would’ve approximated .) A New Brain middles around Gordon Schwinn, a songwriter who has to have a life-threatening ability surgery. The rationale I include this as a queer musical is because the relationship represented between Roger( Gordon’s sweetheart) and Gordon is just so sweet. Also, the melodic is based off of William Finn’s own experience, so the autobiographical position induces it seem somehow more genuine. Also, Jonathon Groff plays Gordon in the original, so that’s reasonably g r 8.

Anyway, I hope you liked this berth. If you have any shows you can recommendations for me( queer or not) let me know!

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