Uncanny X-Men Annual Teases Return of Major, Long-Missing Character

Uncanny X-Men is returning to the Marvel Comics stable this November, and fans have even more drama to look forward to when that book’s first annual opens in 2019, as radical journalist Jordan White has teased the return of Cyclops.

Speaking at New York Comic Con’s X-Men committee, White announced Uncanny X-Men Annual# 1, by Ed Brisson and Carlos Gomez, will arrive in January. The cover prowes peculiarity countless different versions of Cyclops, with White razzing that the lobby for the questions is,” Cyclops — dead or alive ?”

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Scott Time aka the leader of the X-Men has digested quite a torrid last-place few years, having killed Professor Xavier under force of the Phoenix Force and eventually vanishing due to Terrigen poisoning in 2016′ s Death of X.

Although the character hasn’t yet been resurrected, recent events the X-Men world — including both Jean Grey and Xavier returning from the dead, Magneto breaking bad and a young Cable hunting the original X-Men in Extermination — may accommodate the right backdrop to accompanied the character back into the fold.

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If Cyclops does return from the dead, it’s not entirely clear how he will do so at this time. Additionally, whether the character’s experience with extinction will have changed him for better or worse is also uncharted. A younger account of the character attached the Marvel Universe in 2013′ s All-New X-Men# 1.

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