A Lucasfilm fan’s dream variant of one of the best telephones of the year.

Samsung’s been razzing its limited publication Star Wars variant of the Galaxy Note 10+ for a little while now, and it’s finally here just a week ahead of the exhaust of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The phone is backpack full of both hardware and software customizations themed around Kylo Ren, but that’s not all you get in the box.

As soon as you realise the parcel, it’s pretty clear that you’re going a lot more than just telephone calls. There’s a sleeve enveloping the box and boasting Kylo Ren’s hood and cover-up; formerly you slither it off, you expose Kylo’s reassembled disguise on the box itself — a callout to the trailer for The Rise of Skywalker.

Inside the box, you get Samsung’s excellent leather case, with a feature sketch of Kylo embossed onto the back together with Star Wars branding. There’s too a First Order logo hidden away on the inside, parallelling the one on the back of the phone itself. You too get a collector’s badge that — you approximated it — facets Kylo Ren’s helmet conjured from the rest of the metal plaque.

Inside of a slide-out compartment in the box, you get a unique duet of Galaxy Buds with a astonishing Sith-inspired red pigment on the inside of the case. You’ll required to make do without any kind of identifying Star Wars branding, since the Galaxy Buds are actually the only unbranded part of the entire package.

The Galaxy Note 10+ itself is unchanged from the model we reviewed earlier this year — at least from a hardware attitude. You’ll get the same Snapdragon 855 chipset, 12 GB of RAM, and in such a case, 256 GB of storage, along with niceties like alter wireless accusing and IP68 water resistance. Where it quickly stands out is in the new colour scheme and stylings.

There’s a striking silky blacknes conclude with red accents along the camera housing and strength and capacity buttons, supplemented by First Order and Star Wars emblems near the bottom of the phone. Even the S Pen is red to match Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. To be honest, the colour and black color scheme is enough for me on its own. But of course, Samsung didn’t stop there.

You too get a myriad of software customizations formerly you turn the Note 10+ on. There’s a tradition boot animation( as well as a shutdown living ), and you’re swiftly responded with a Dark Side theme for One UI, complete with its own icon pack, wallpapers, fasten screen animations, ringtones, and notification seems. It’s an ultimate rapture to use for any Star Wars fan.

The Star Wars Edition Galaxy Note 10+ is only available in restraint supplying, but if you demand one for yourself, it’s not too late to get an order in. It launches tomorrow, December 13 th, for $1300 a week ahead of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Kylo Ren would be proud

Galaxy Note 10+: Star Wars Edition

Special edition of one of 2019’s best phones

The Star Wars Edition Galaxy Note 10+ centres around Kylo Ren with a black and red color scheme and plenty of software customizations. Aside from has become a Star Wars fan’s dream, it also has top-of-the-line specs and three marvelous cameras.

$1300 at Samsung

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