RTAG 1 TTWhat do you do after you flunk? Purr your misfortune away and try harder. Two devoted prowes fans have been trying to get into the Hiroshima Onomichi City Museum of Art for YEARS now, but have been consistently knocked out just as they were registering it. Meet Ken Chan and Gosaku, the most persistent feline out there.

DTAG 1 TT RTAG 2 TTIt started a few years ago when the meowseum debuted a establish entitled “Cats — Mitsuaki Iwago Photography Exhibition.” Just epoches after the exhibit opened, an rare pilgrim arrived, forming the best publicity for the occurrence you could imagine. The security guard, however, stymie its itinerary at the front door. In March of last year, the same black neighborhood “cat-o-nine-tail” returned. But this time it drew a ginger sidekick. Unhappily, the two of them were forced to turn around.

RTAG 3 TTThe two are more likely made palace somewhere nearby the meowseum, because they keep coming back again and again. Eventually, its personnel started tweeting photos of the times they drop by, constructing them internet celebrities.

RTAG 4 TTAnd while they haven’t yet officially became their direction inside, at the least they receive snuggles and babies from the white-gloved patrols when they make the artistry suitors back outside.