Line of Duty is just one of the masterpieces on today…

TV tonight Line of Duty

AC-1 2 comes under scrutiny in Line of Duty, The Crown’s Josh O’Connor whizs in Romeo& Juliet on Sky Arts, and it’s Halloween in Midsomer Murders. Here’s what you shouldn’t be missing on Tv tonight.

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What’s on Tv tonight

Our professional TV columnists have picked very good things on Tv tonight …

Best TV establishes on TV tonight Romeo& Juliet, 9pm, Sky Arts/ NOW TV tonight Romeo & Juliet

Jessie Buckley and Josh O’Connor dazzle

The Crown’s Josh O’Connor and Chernobyl’s Jessie Buckley are electrical as the star-crossed sweethearts in this brilliant adaptation of Shakespeare’s acclaimed tragedy. Primarily intended for the stage but cancelled due to COVID-1 9, instead the National Theatre filmed the yield at its Lyttelton Theatre in London. A strong supporting throw includes Adrian Lester, Deborah Findlay and an superb Tamsin Greig as an austere Lady Capulet.


Line of Duty, 9pm, BBC1

Accusations are flying about now as AC-1 2’s enquiry into the Operation Lighthouse investigation and the increasingly shifty DCI Joanne Davidson gleans tempo. But Hastings’ dogged persistence in the instances is not appreciated by his leaders and he is also told to curb his preoccupation with looking for the charlatan’ fourth man’ previously known as’ H’ because’ it’s not about old battles’. When he retorts,’ The name’s Hastings, I am the paradigm of an old battle’, a collective encourage is sure to be heard! The influence is also on Steve as Steph Corbett is now aware of his analgesic craving. But will he escape a chore medications assessment?


Midsomer Murders, 8p m, ITV TV tonight Midsomer Murders

Can regular campers Pat and Ronnie help the investigation?

It’s Halloween in the picturesque village of Little Worthy, but the locals and tourists, who’ve come to stay in the glampsite, are scared when a murder makes residence in the contiguou timbers. Mark Williams and Siobhan Redmond are great as married couple Pat and Ronnie Everett who’ve been coming to the campsite for the past 36 times but who swear to make this their last ever trip-up. Meanwhile, Barnaby and Winter discover the murderer was wearing a sinister wolf disguise and is already lining up their next casualty!


Best casket set to watch on TV tonight Bate Motel, seasons one to five, BBC iPlayer TV tonight Bates Motel

Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga star

The Good Doctor’s Freddie Highmore noticed US TV glory playing the young Norman Bates in this contemporary prequel to 1960 ’s Psycho. It explores the dark, twisted relationship between the teen and his mother, Norma( Vera Farmiga ).

Best movie to watch on Tv tonight Red Joan, 10 pm, BBC2 TV tonight Red Joan

Judi Dench as unlikely spy Joan

With geriatric observes proving quite popular at the moment( BBC4’s recent documentary Undercover OAP: The Mole Agent has been nominated for an Oscar ), this film is inspired by another unlikely agent, Melita Norwood, a retired British civil servant living in Bexleyheath, who was uncovered as a Russian sleuth in 1999 at the age of 86. Located on the novel Red Joan, Judi Dench dallies Joan Stanley, who through a series of flashbacks remembers her life working on a British atomic bomb project in the 1930 s- and equipping the Soviet Union with nuclear confidentials.

Live sport

Rowing: The Boat Race 3pm, BBC1

If you watch only one thing on TV tonight …

Don’t miss Line of Duty on TV tonight- should Hastings “lets get going” of the past?

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Happy viewing!

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