The CW aired its first original programming on Sunday in several years, and it seems to have been a gamble that being paid.

Charmed opened with a 0.5 rating( 1.5 million total observers) in the 9/8 c slot. It’s not an astronomical digit by any stretch of the imagination, but given that the network has just returned to programming during the night, it’s not a bad start.

The genuine test will be whether it can hold up in the next week. Granted, reboots generally have a front-loaded gathering that carols in to see whether it lives up to the original.

Charmed Pilot 1 - Charmed (2018) Season 1 Episode 1 - Charmed (2018)

Before that, Supergirl Season 4 Episode 1 secured a 0.5 rating( 1.5 million viewers ), proving that has been extremely compatible with Charmed.

The positive here is that Supergirl moved to this new night at relatively low anticipations, and was continuous with its last-place season premiere, climax, and median in the demo.

The network is very likely have lower possibilities for shows on Sundays as well, so there’s that.

Called Into Action - Supergirl

Over on ABC, The Alec Baldwin Show cratered with a merely 0.4 rating( 2.2 million viewers) in the 10/9 c slit. The cancellation clock is already ticking on this one!

Dancing with the Starrings: Juniors pulled in the same 0.7( 4.6 million viewers) rating as last Sunday, substantiating this testify might have legs after all.

If it stands around these levels, it’s difficult to thought ABC not restraining it around. It can’t be expensive with it be concentrated on younger hotshots.

Shark Tank( 3.7 million/ 0.7 rating) managed to gain a tenth week-to-week.

I Accept You - God Friended Me Season 1 Episode 3

God Friended Me (8 million/ 1.1 rating) bounced back after last week’s drop. NCIS: Los Angeles( 7.4 million/ 0.9 rating) was also up a one-tenth.

Madam Secretary( 5.6 million/ 0.6 rating) closed off the darknes for CBS by staying steady.

All of the Fox humors declined enormously with a reduced lead-in. The Simpsons( 2.5 million/ 1.0 rating ), Bob’s Burgers( 2.1 million/ 0.9 rating ), Family Guy( 1.9 million/ 0.9 rating ), Rel( 1.4 million/ 0.5 rating) threw to brand-new season lows.

Fox would be wise to pull Rel from the schedule at the present stage. It is still not reverberating.

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