A C-17 being loaded up as part of Operation Faithful Patriot

President Donald Trump has already started positioning 5,200 troops to the U.S.-Mexico border in a” establish of patrol” against the 3,500 -person move van currently traveling through Mexico, according to the New York Times . However, numerous are announcing out Trump’s “Operation Faithful Patriot” as a nationalist stunt to mobilize his far-right base before the midterms.

The deployment is specially silly, considers that it is has launched months before the caravan will even contact the border. The caravan may shrink more as it prepares its road north, as it previously has from its original weigh of seven, 000. Additionally, it’s legal to seek asylum in the U.S. at a port of entry, and still within a person’s legal right to seek asylum even if they come into the U.S. unauthorized.

On Twitter, Washington Examiner senior editor Dave Brown shared footage of a C-1 7 aircraft leaving for Fort Knox as part of the field missions, as well as photos of soldiers lading the aircraft.

PHOTOS: Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 89 th Military Police Brigade, Task Force Griffin, lades a generator and a glowing medium tactical vehicle onto a C-1 7 in support of Operation Faithful Patriot pic.twitter.com/ Ix1TeJVooQ

— Dave Brown (@ dave_brown2 4) October 29, 2018

It’s already underway: DoD video testifies a C-1 7 leaving Dover for Fort Knox on an alert call today as part of Operation Faithful Patriot, the new military mission to secure the southern perimeter https :// t.co/ twIjdnfH6 9 pic.twitter.com/ Il3jKeNlmv

— Dave Brown (@ dave_brown2 4) October 29, 2018

As of Monday, 800 troops had arrived at the border, with 200 planned for Tuesday and 1,700 by Saturday, according to Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin. While members of the military is already preparing for the operation, the pundits of Trump’s plan are calling it a bid for political parts from his anti-immigrant basi one week before the midterm election.

Trump is sending 5200 troops to the border. THIS IS ALL THEATER

The caravan is 1,000 miles+ from the U.S. perimeter, has fewer than 5000 people and is traveling about 20 miles per epoch pic.twitter.com/ biyqcI2kvy

— Judd Legum (@ JuddLegum) October 30, 2018

Media- the “caravan” will have to cover more than 100 miles PER DAY to get to the border by midterms. Why are taxpayers paying for this obvious farce? It is imperative you handle it for what it is , not parrot and amplify Trump’s storyline.

— Amy Siskind (@ Amy_Siskind) October 29, 2018

Press coverage too often accepts Trump’s path on the caravan, despite its hyperbole and falsehoods.

Reality check: it’s 1,000 miles away; it’s down to 4,000 beings from 7,000; it’s seeking asylum at ports of entry–not billing the border.

— Justin Miller (@ justinjm1) October 29, 2018

just to articulate it into framework, there are currently around 2,000 american troops in syria, a literal war zone.

there will be 5,200 deployed to the border to frighten parties seeking asylum.

— m i t h (@ ManInTheHoody) October 30, 2018

Trump is casting 5200 units to the border. Wholly made up threat. This is a gigantic misuse of authority funds.

— Tony Schwartz (@ tonyschwartz) October 29, 2018

Then why the heck do you need 5000 corps at their own borders if you truly believe it’s lawful to seek asylum. https :// t.co/ AffgL1Fp 8l

— Mana Yegani (@ Law_Mana) October 30, 2018

Please consider the possibility that Trump is casting 5000 corps down now, weeks before the group could reach their own borders, because Trump is counting on his units to intimidate South Texas voters into hop-skip such elections. https :// t.co/ Ddh7IbYLS 2

— Harold Cook (@ HCookAustin) October 29, 2018

According to the Washington Post’s Jacqueline Alemany, onetime Custom-mades and Border Protection( CBP) Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske announced Trump’s plan a” misappropriation of active tariff armed” and a” political stunt .”

Just spoke with onetime @CBP Commissioner Gil Kerlikowske, who managed 68,000 unaccompanied children in the summer of’ 14. He says Trump’s actions today, just before midterms, is “a misuse of active job military…To say this isn’t a political stunt is misinforming the public.”

— Jacqueline Alemany (@ JaxAlemany) October 29, 2018

“This is using the troops as props, ” Jason Dempsey, a former Army infantry officer in Iraq and Afghanistan now an adjunct elderly fellow at the Center for a New American Security, told the Times. “We’re applying a knot of parties to consume their go while they backstop the Border Patrol.”


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According to Vox, there isn’t much that active function military would be able to do at the border besides assist CBP, even if the caravan were arriving the coming week and weren’t 1,000 miles out. The military is send night vision-capable helicopter companionships, airplanes to bring Border Patrol operators, medical legions, and 22 miles of fencing reinforcement.

U.S. constitution, however, impedes the military from” expending its abilities instantly to enforce U.S. domestic laws” without Congress’ approval. Hence, they won’t be able to immediately arrest, jail, or behave parties themselves.

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