The whole world has moderately come to standstill at this moment due to the COVID-1 9 virus; everyone is affected but probably the most affected are all types of travelers such as globetrotters, adventure travelers, frequent flyers, holidaymakers, devotees etc. So we’ve come up with this post which not only enlightens on you everything about this corona virus, its after-effects, safety measures and precautions, but likewise put out its positive side along with some effective tips to make the most of this pandemic time.

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Barring Antarctica, COVID-1 9 has hit almost all continents. This alone speaks the volume of its unprecedented spread, which apparently has has been derived from one of China’s food markets at Wuhan in December 2019. In nearly four months, more than one million approved cases of COVID-1 9 have been reported worldwide, with close to 70,000 fatalities. So what really is this deadly virus and disease?

COVID-1 9 is a kind of respiratory illness, started due to SARS-CoV-2( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 ). As its list demonstrates, it comes from a family of coronaviruses that generally considered to be in animals, mammals, reptiles etc. While the the opportunities of coronavirus communication from swine to human are uncommon, the previous cases of coronavirus outbreak were reported in 2003 and 2012, with SARS( Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS( Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) respectively.

The animal informant of the virus behind COVID-1 9 is still controversial; nonetheless this ought to have been perhaps has been derived from at-bats, pangolins, or snakes.



COVID-1 9 is a communicable ailment that is generally spread from parties to beings via respiratory droplets that collected from an infected person who are in close contact with another person within a radius of less than three feet. Another possible stimulate of this virus is when a person touches an polluted objective or surface.

Once it registers the body….

When this coronavirus comes in contact with your torso and penetrates through lip , snout or seeings, it moves through your nasal transitions and then to the respiratory tract, effecting infection in your lungsas well as other parts depending on its harshnes. It has an incubation period arraying from two to 14 days.


Low to high fever Continuous cough Shortness of gulp and breathing complications Sore throat Torso hurt


As of now , no specific remedy or vaccination has been developed to combat or plow this disease. When it comes to whether it’s curable or life-threatening, this depends on a variety of factors. With isolation and excellent carry care to treat its symptoms, this sicknes is mostly curable in the case of healthy adults and kids. However, elderly people above 65 times plus people with a medical record of lung infections, heart ailments, cancer, liver and kidney infections etc are most at risk to develop severe complications including pneumonia kind of symptoms and multiple organ loss which sometimes even lead to death.


The most recommended path to avoid the spread of this infection is via social distancing or by limiting your interaction with people who show symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Following strict hygieneor cleanlines rehearsals too help you to keep this illnes at a bay. So here are a few things which you should consider in order to protect yourself from this disease.

Made to ensure that you move your hands( employing any soap and warmwater) on frequent basis for at least 20 seconds. If you’re not able to wash your hands, you can use a hand sanitizer, preferably with 60% booze content in it. Avoid touching your face , nose and mouth with your dirty entrusts. Maintain a distance of at least six paws “when youre talking” or treated with other beings. Skip any kind of physical contact such as grips, handshakes, smacks etc, especially when you greet someone. Consume your lean shoulder or a handkerchief or a expendable tissue so as to cover your cheek/ nose while sneezing and coughing. Wear mask and a duo of entrust gauntlets when you step outside. It’s prudent not to share your personal items( such as bowls, cutleries etc) with anyone. Scavenge and deodorize all objects/ faces which perhaps can be the carrier of this virus/ malady, such as your phone, computer, keyboard, mouse, tabletops, kitchen counter top etc. After shopping, be sure to disinfectant all components/ commodities which you delivered from the storage. Gobble health and opt for menus that would help to boost your exemption. And scaped outside nutrient as much as possible. If you’ve any kind of flu like evidences or ache, it would be prudent of yourself to self-quarantine or self-isolate from others. If the condition becomes worse, come medical assistance immediately.


Due to the fast and unparalleled spread of this virus, most people across the world have imposed lock downs with tour restrictions, thus closing all air pathsas well as land frontiers. This has forced most people to either nullify or postpone their already booked or corroborated vacations. That apart, the health officials and government agencies worldwide have warned parties to completely refrain from any kind of contact with people who have already traveled to the most fouled spheres/ countries. What’s more; most major tourist attractions plus restaurants, leisure attractiveness etc all over have been now closed for an indefinite period or until developments in the situation become better.

Now if you’ve an upcoming proceed which is urgent or inevitable, be sure to make a thorough study to ensure that it’s safe to travel before you apply for an international visa and carry on with other pas organisations. Moreover, take a look at the website of World Health Organization( WHO) for more reliable updates on this ailment. It’s likewise wise to check if your airline/ accommodation service provider offers any aid/ special fee waiver policy in the event you’ve to cancel or face any disturb that may emerge due to the outbreak of this disease.


Al though first identified in China, this virus has spread to over 200 countries in different parts of the world, from South Asia and Middle East to Europe and America. Currently, the United Country( USA) exceeds the roll of countries that are most affected by this pandemic( with over 330,000 supported occasions ), followed by Spain( over 135,000 suits ), Italy( 128,900 instances ), Germany( 100,000 occasions ), France( over 90,000 events) and China( over 81,000 instances ). That said, the report contains luckily a few countries which have escaped this illness and still coronavirus-free, such as Angola, Barbados, Botswana, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands, Syria, Tonga, and Yemen.


Amidst all chaos, suspicions and commotion, there were still some heartening news as a result of this pandemic.

The number of new cases has begun to decline in the place of its start: Yes, China with its effective preventive measures has now managed to bring down the effects of this sicknes, with almost no new cases reported in the place in recent times. Majority of polluted beings recover: As per such reports, more than 95% polluted beings( including elderly people) recover and return to normal life. Mood is at its euphoric best: With almost no vehicles in the ground, irrigate or breeze, this has significantly reduced the carbon emissions, standing the nature to breathe, salve itself and of course thrive. Wildlife very has now got a new lease of life: The spring reason of this pandemic is believed to be wild animals. And the good news is that China has now declared that the commerce or intake of mad animals is illegal. The iconic, always-packed landmarks seem even better and more peaceful: Take Venice’s canals, Paris’ Eiffel Tower, California’s Disneyland Resort, Dubai’s traditional souks, or the Roman Colosseum- they all are now deserted but perfectly pollution-free and seem to appear more delicate in their tranquil version.


Missing travel? Then these following suggestions would help your love for pas and wanderlust intact.

This is the best time to revisit your cherished pas instants. Flip through the age-old circulate images, start a circulate blog or jot down your memorable undertaking/ roam recollections in a diary or a notepad. Make a virtual travel to a country or suffer a brand-new culture by learn some of the best travel books like On the Road( Jack Kerouac ), Seven Years in Tibet( Heinrich Harrer ), The Beach( Alex Garland ), Into the Wild( Jon Krakauer ), and Vagabonding( Rolf Potts ). Try new pastimes or brush up your long-forgotten knowledge, may be practicing music/ Yoga, try cooking inventive recipes, or learning new conversation( which is likely to prove helpful to your upcoming passage ). Most of all, keep yourself connected to the world by watching movies, films and television services and facilities/ online series themed around mood, culture, brand-new destinations etc. Some of the world’s most celebrated museums, galleries etc have recently been propelled virtual expeditions means you can now discover or know a neighbourhood in-depth from the solace of your home or couch.


While it’s now wiser to cancel or put over all your travel plans until things get right, don’t stop yourself from experimenting projecting and informing your traveling wish-list or bucket-list. Yes, represent the absolute best of this time to de-stress yourself, de-clutter all negativities from their own lives, and prepare yourself to get back to your normal life more refreshed more sensible, Once the planet comes moving again, we’re sure that all these would help you to admire and acknowledge the clean rebuilt version life from a brand-new light.

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