Topher Grace Once Made a Moviegoer Cry - Find Out What Happened!

Topher Grace is looking back at his 2010 movie Predators!

In a new interview with PeopleTV, the 42 -year-old actor recalled the time that he made a moviegoer cry while at a local screening of his sci-fi movie.

In Predators, Topher dallies a serial killer, and in one scene, he gets his paw stuck in a trap and starts to cry.

While watching the movie, one moviegoer who was sitting behind Topher wasn’t exactly thrilled with his performance.

“My character starts crying because his foot’s in a bait and you kind of have to feel for him and then it’s revealed that he’s a psycho ,” Topher shared in his interview.” And so, I start crying. It was a hard-bitten epoch at work for me to like, get there, and likewise you’re playing two different courages, various kinds of .”

” So, I’m watching this film in the movie theater and this chap extends,’ This guy’s crying like a little bitch !'” Topher cancelled.” I turn around and I proceed,’ What’s up now? ’ And this guy’s mind exploded. He was like,’ Oh my God! You’re here and you’re on the[ screen ].”

He computed,” I think it was the most scared I’d ever seen someone in a movie theatre because he, like, recognized I was[ the movie] serial assassin and then I turned around in front of him…He started crying, it was great.”

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