Top Gear is returning to television soon and the BBC has released a new trailer picturing what to expect for season 28.

While the time doesn’t provide a lot of context, it starts by showing Freddie Flintoff hanging over the two sides of a Swiss dam while sitting in a Rover Metro Convertible. It’s apparently part of a bungee jump stunt which experiences the multitude being removed virtually 500 feet( 152 rhythms ).

Paddy McGuinness is also prominently featured in the trailer as he can be seen driving what appears to be a convertible that has been transformed into a boat. Later on, he’s seen wearing a suit of armor while driving a convertible at a driving range.

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Besides the stunts, a number of cars will be featured in the upcoming season. These appear to include the BMW M8 Competition and the Porsche Taycan. Chris Harris is also shown driving the Volkswagen ID.R and he’ll pilot a McLaren Speedtail in a race with an F35 Lightning.

Given the popularity of cheap car challenges, it isn’t surprising that the segment will be restored for the 28 th season. The trio will travel to South America and be driven in Pontiac Firebird and a Volkswagen van.

Last but not least, the time taunts Flintoff’s accident while driving a trike known as the Time Bandit. The video doesn’t show the incident, but it resulted last year at the Elvington Airfield.

Reports recommended Flintoff hit hurries of 124 mph( 200 km/ h ), but couldn’t bring the trike to a stop. As a upshot, he ran off the runway.

Speaking after the incident, Flintoff said he was “absolutely fine” and resumed filming the following day. He also pestered, “It will gape more stupid than risky when you see it on TV.”

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