Top 20 Barcelona Youtube Channels

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Top 20 Barcelona Youtubers

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Barcelona Youtube Channels

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1 Barcelona Youtube Channels

1. 1 Visit Barcelona 1. 2 FC Barcelona 1. 3 BARCELONA CHEAP EATS 1. 4 TalkFCB 1. 5 Barcelona Sporting Club 1. 6 AB Apartment Barcelona 1. 7 Barcelona Ajuntament 1. 8 FC Barcelona Videos 1. 9 YOLANCRIS 1. 10 Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 1. 11 ShBarcelona 1. 12 Little Monkeys Barcelona 1. 13 Vlir Barcelona 1. 14 James Waylon 1. 15 Barcelona Vlogs 1. 16 Barcelona Brides 1. 17 MuOM Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir 1. 18 Hola Barcelona – Your Travel Solution

Barcelona Youtube Channels 1. Visit Barcelona

Visit Barcelona Barcelona About Youtuber Official information to visit Barcelona. Follow us and discover the life of the city. Since Sep 2013 Channel user/ visitbcn/ vi ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- n/ a. Views Count- 1,194, 379. Video Count – 113

2. FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona Barcelona About Youtuber Welcome to the official website of Football Club Barcelona on YouTube. Enjoy the videos of your favorite society. Since Feb 2006 Channel user/ fcbarcelona ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 3,305, 771. Views Count- 363,986, 865. Video Count – 6,511


BARCELONA CHEAP EATS About Youtuber Hey! My honour is Adnan and welcome to my direct! I am chewing my practice through Barcelona, accommodating parties with a comprehensive word-of-mouth leader of best available cheap devours in the city, made up of trusted rulings, objective reviews and from my own humble events. Since Jul 2018 Channel path/ UCyGn ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 576. Views Count- 10,689. Video Count – 26

4. TalkFCB

TalkFCB United Kingdom About Youtuber Welcome to TalkFCB. The YouTube channel give a community for Barca supporters to involve and stay up-to-date with the latest from countries around the world of FCB. Including competition preview and examine videos, as well as tactical analysis and minds. And of course, the most recent transportation story and hurt updates. Since Jul 2014 Channel user/ TalkFCB/ videos+ Follow Youtube Followers- 114,945. Views Count- 21,222, 858. Video Count – 862

5. Barcelona Sporting Club

Barcelona Sporting Club About Youtuber This canal is Official Youtube Channel for Barcelona Sporting Club. Follow to keep up with the latest updates. Since Jul 2011 Channel user/ barcelonasc ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 100,601. Views Count- 4,017, 191. Video Count – 461

6. AB Apartment Barcelona

AB Apartment Barcelona Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain About Youtuber AB Apartment Barcelona is an online reserve entrance for short and long-term stay apartments in Barcelona and other top ends on the Catalan coast. Since Dec 2008 Channel user/ apartmentba ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 2,976. Views Count- 1,639, 604. Video Count – 115

7. Barcelona Ajuntament

Barcelona Ajuntament Barcelona About Youtuber Channel of the City Council of Barcelona features Plenary Advice , commissions of the Municipal Council, District Plenary Advice or news conference. Since Feb 2014 Channel user/ bcnajuntame ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 2,919. Views Count- 953,171. Video Count – 3,036

8. FC Barcelona Videos

FC Barcelona Videos Russia About Youtuber FC Barcelona Channel aspects Matches and highlights of FC Barcelona. Since Feb 2014 Channel path/ UCJiY ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 1,747. Views Count- 334,243. Video Count – 458


YOLANCRIS Barcelona About Youtuber Yolancris is a luxury brand specialized in bridal and eveningwear are stationed in Barcelona. Since May 2011 Channel user/ YolanCrisYC ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 931. Views Count- 265,213. Video Count – 69

10. Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Barcelona, Spain About Youtuber Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, the worldwide epicenter of the bridal manufacture. Follow this canal to watch the latest videos on Bridal fashion collection, Fashion Shows and the Runway mannequins. Since Mar 2014 Channel user/ bcnbridalwe ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 661. Views Count- 174,124. Video Count – 175

11. ShBarcelona

ShBarcelona Barcelona About Youtuber ShBarcelona aims to offer the highest possible solution for house, adapting to the needs of the clients so they don’t have to worry about anything. Since Sep 2010 Channel user/ shbarcelona ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 226. Views Count- 205,210. Video Count – 1,767

12. Little Monkeys Barcelona

Little Monkeys Barcelona Barcelona About Youtuber Little Monkeys is a simulation bureau for kids, are stationed in Barcelona. We represent over 3500 patterns and work with both national and international purchasers. Since Jun 2017 Channel direct/ UC6Io ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 118. Views Count- 54,819. Video Count – 185

13. Vlir Barcelona

Vlir Barcelona About Youtuber Vlir TV Barcelona is a peculiar online direct about incidents in Barcelona! Since Jan 2013 Channel user/ vlirbarcelo ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 83. Views Count- 53,896. Video Count – 57

14. James Waylon

James Waylon About Youtuber This is James Waylon living in Barcelona. We give specific answer and whimsical recreation for visitors to Barcelona. Since Feb 2014 Channel direct/ UC1WT ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 53. Views Count- 4,508. Video Count – 76

15. Barcelona Vlogs

Barcelona Vlogs About Youtuber Welcome to Barcelona Vlogs. Follow for entertaining and funny videos. Since Jun 2018 Channel direct/ UC_tP ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 14. Views Count- 286. Video Count – 17

16. Barcelona Brides

Barcelona Brides About Youtuber Barcelona Brides is all about Destination Wedding Planning in and around Barcelona..Weddings designed to celebrate the storeys and appreciations of our purchasers. Since Jan 2018 Channel direct/ UC935 ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- 3. Views Count- 418. Video Count – 7

17. MuOM Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir

MuOM Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir Barcelona, Espanya About Youtuber MuOM is an connotation sing choir are stationed in Barcelona. We use overtone talk skills and throat sing as well. This means that each singer in the choir sings two bangs at once. Our music is composed by the choir, and it has been described as sacred, meditative and healing music. Since Oct 2011 Channel channel/ UCd1I ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- n/ a. Views Count- 72,335. Video Count – 23

18. Hola Barcelona – Your Travel Solution

Hola Barcelona - Your Travel Solution About Youtuber Therefore welcomed Hola Barcelona official YouTube channel. We allow you to travel around the city at your own tempo in the simplest, quickest and most comfortable route, specifying everything you need to explore Barcelona at its most cosmopolitan. Since Mar 2015 Channel path/ UCzNE ..~ ATAGEND+ Follow Youtube Followers- n/ a. Views Count- 832. Video Count – 10

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