Chrisley Knows Best idol Todd Chrisley feels his estranged daughter Lindsie is experiencing an “emotional battle” within herself that has spawned her “jealous” of her siblings. Todd and his family were introduced to reality fans when their depict saw its introduction on E! in 2014. The comedic sequence follows the family patriarch, his wife Julie, and their three adolescents, Chase, Savannah and Grayson. Lindsie has not appeared on show since 2017 due to her bumpy liaison with Todd.

Lindsie, the daughter of Todd’s first partner and high school sweetheart, has been knowing a agonizing time in her life as she divorces her longtime marriage Will Campbell. According to Todd, he knew their marriage was fated from the start considering they absconded in 2012 without his traditional dispensation her his eldest daughter’s hand in marriage. The duet did indeed have issues germinating apart in 2014, separating 2 years later, only to temporarily reunite back together is an attempt save their wedlock. Once the dirt determined, Todd accused Lindsie of being disloyal to Will with numerou followers. At the time of writing of the accusation, the family patriarch was simultaneously dealing here with attacks of scheme to dedicate bank impostor, wire fraud and evasion. In turn, Lindsie entered a brand-new report against her family claiming they were blackmailing her with a private video on the condition that she supports them amid their prosecution. Though Lindsie is still blocked by her father on social media, Todd made it upon himself to make a cryptic statement about her divorce telling love he will always be there for his daughter when times get tough.

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In a new explosive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Todd gave an update on his current relationship with Lindsie, and why he believes it’s “safer” for their attorney’s to talk. “I received a text message from Lindsie about two weeks ago, ” Todd said. “I turned that over to our advocates because we don’t feel that it’s safe to communicate. Each time that I’ve done that it’s been twisted and turned, and in the position we’re in, we can’t run that risk.” The actuality Tv parent continued to explain that he’s upset his eldest daughter is going through a divorce because “marriage is supposed to be forever and you’re supposed to have a commitment to each other.”

In calls of the family’s law clash, Todd and Julie were cleared on the mood position in 2019, but they are still working through the process of facing as 12 -count federal arraignment including tax fraud assertions. When asked about Lindsie’s blackmailing report, Todd immediately rejected the accusation. “She is my daughter, and I adoration her, ” he said. “There was just some kind of psychological duel that Lindsie has had within herself, and jealousy amongst her siblings. It started off with Savannah having channel more social media adherents, and then[ she] wasn’t getting enough time on the indicate. Lindsie wasn’t, at that time, willing to allow the cameras into her personal man. She wouldn’t tell the world anything.” Todd computed there was never any extortion, but Lindsie employed the opportunity for headlines and admirers. “She’s our daughter, and I will tell you that the exasperation was there for a long time, ” he alleged. “Revenge and feeling belongs to the devil. So I moved with the savage. I was dancing with the monster there for a minute. God allowed me to get back into my faith. I had to remember that I am a papa firstly. When you have children and you discipline their own children, the world’s not gonna see that, but when Todd Chrisley penalty their own children, it’s a headline.”

Todd’s first words sitting down with a medium shop since the allegations became a headline are coarse and heartbreaking, specially when you consider the fact that he’s talking about his eldest daughter. Though he’s currently not speaks with Lindsie, she will probably watch the interview and her lawyers will probably dissect it for the courtroom. Chrisley Knows Best fans are likely glued to the screen eating up all of this drama, but it’s probably in the family’s best interest to stop turning their family drama into more headlines.

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