This Final Fantasy XIV anime is gorgeous, real, and way too short

Final Fantasy XIV is already pretty much the de facto MMORPG for supporters of anime activities, but the weebish insights haven’t more translated into a full anime streak. Square Enix has brought us a handful of anime-style cinematic ads and trailers for FFXIV over the years, but a new Korean inspired ad gets the vibe of the game down like nothing I’ve seen before.

The two-minute long video boasts a Miqo’te player character waking up in Limsa Lominsa, and – according to a loose love translation on Reddit – coming freaked out by the sheer volume of pleasures available in FFXIV. Then he realises that the Lominsans are just hanging out and doing their own thing at their own pace, so he can do the same. A pleasant remembrance for anybody getting into a big MMO.

The real joy of the video is how well it captures the vibe of hanging out in Limsa Lominsa, as other participates brace impromptu dance times, implement seemingly random combat movements, or precisely sit in a corner and skill. The only thing it’s missing is the prurient roleplay you occasionally run across, but hey, gotta save something for the actual game.

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