My house is like Noah’s ark: There’s two of everything. Two adults, two kids, two cats. That means there’s double the schmutz everywhere. And it also means I’m constantly exhausted.

What do I get when I add all that up? I get a need to automate as many daily maintenance protocols as possible — and a robot vacuum comes in handy for that. Neato’s D4 robot vacuum is the baller upgrade I need in my life, and it’s currently on serious sale for President’s Day: It’s down to $299 from $430 on Amazon.

Neato Robotics D4 Robot Vacuum

$299.00 AT AMAZON

30% off

Dirt tends to collect in corners, which round robot vacuums can’t access — but this one is shaped like a capital letter D so it sidles right on in. It also navigates and maps your home, moving not randomly but in straight lines, like a lawn mower. This means it gets every spot (and also satisfies a need for order in the midst of *gestures at literally everything*).

It works on many types of surfaces, including carpet, hard wood, and tile. And it’s even compatible with Alexa — which works for me because I literally. Cannot. Get up. Sometimes.

If that sounds like you too, treat yo self: Score a robot vacuum on sale, and then kick your feet up on the couch with a box of chocolates. (For like 15 seconds until you hear, “Mommyyyyyy.”)

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