Spoiler warning for X-Force and X of Swords!

The stakes for the X-Men seemed like they couldn’t get higher. The heroes were locked in a tournament against ancient monstrosities related to Apocalypse, stuck in a supernatural world where their fatality is permanent and their outage symbolizes Earth’s destruction. Then they learned that the sorceres Saturnyne, who supervise the contest, was putting them through odd rigged battles they couldn’t earn. Now, as the mutant heroes struggle against their fated occasions in X-Force #14, Saturnyne uncovers her backup strategy: take an unstoppable killing machine that once defeated the Avengers, then use it to kill the X-Men.

X-Force # 14 comes from novelists Benjamin Percy and Gerry Duggan with creator Joshua Cassara. The issue is a chapter of X of Swords, the franchise-spanning crossover event that evokes mutant heroes from every X-Men spinoff comic into one linear storyline that requires they work together. The inhibited monstrosities of Arakko are leading an military of beasts to Earth, but must span through the mystical realms of Otherworld to get there. Saturnyne, the godlike ruler of Otherworld, pulped both sides into a series of games, with the champion taking all. The contests take place across Otherworld’s many realms, from the murderer Crooked Market to the cursed vampire haunt Sevalith.

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But the most dangerous known realm Saturnyne settles is Infuri, the Everforge. To be covered by a mortal specified Forgemaster Federal Fury 005, Infuri is an entire world inhabited by different copies of Fury, a villain that once terrorized Captain Britain and his mutant-based team Excalibur. Fury is an adaptive artificial lifeform created by an absurd reality-warper appointed Mad Jim Jaspers. It was intended to destroy all the Earth’s stupendous, and in several timelines, the Fury replaced. In 2009 ‘s comic book series Marvel Heroes, the Fury arrived in the United Kingdom’s version of the Marvel Universe, Earth-9 411, and slaughtered every superhero it satisfied, from Spider-Man to the Avengers. It was impossible to overcome head-on; the only course of action Captain Britain had was to use the Ultimate Nullifier to destroy the timeline and revert Earth-9 411 to a station before the Fury ever happened across it.

In the preview of X-Force # 14, Brian Braddock, ex-Captain Britain and current Captain Avalon, mourns his sister Betsy. She replaced him as Captain Britain, a entitlement Saturnyne has been pushing on Brian to snap back up, then immediately exploded and died. Since Braddock’s steadfastly refused to become Captain Britain again–a title that they are able to imply he works directly for Saturnyne–the white witch is making her ultimatum: settled the Union Jack tights back on or else the Madness will construct him do it. Now are those preview pages, plus a covering by Juan Ferrerya and Dustin Weaver 😛 TAGEND

Saturnyne once showed that she has near-godlike superpowers when Saturnyne schooled Wolverine for trying to kill her. Now she’s taking an entire squad of the deadliest robot in the multiverse into the fray. They seem to be aiming their blasters at Captain Avalon in the final board … and if his first real push travels the method his sister’s did, he’s not going to survive it. Saturnyne might have to recruit the Rogue and Gambit Captain Britains after all.

X-Force # 14 will be on sale November 18 th, 2020, may be obtained on neighbourhood comics supermarkets, Marvel Studios, and Comixology.

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