At the beginning of each new school year, we here at OnStage Blog informed the general assembly what we feel are the best performing arts for the coming year. For those of you wondering how we select these schools, it starts in the previous spring.

Starting in April, we tasked a commission of really over 20 beings to study these programs. They is comprised of theatre lecturers, students, alumni, and mothers. We wanted people who knew how to evaluate a performing arts program and what questions to ask. This is what we feel separates us from every other college rank commodity, these kinfolks know what’s important in theater education.

This year we located our criteria on a number of factors including Cost vs. Awards, Quality of Facility, Performance/ Production Opportunities, and Post-Graduate Support. We too asked questions about the diversity of students as well as the faculty.

Each year, we likewise like to include a brand-new list that factor into our rankings – on/ off-campus safety. We feel this is a factor that is often not made a priority. So in addition to cold-calling the schools, we also took a look at their Clery Reports and asked questions about how proactive these schools are when it comes to safety.

This year we also decided not to rank the schools 1-30. When looking at the scores, often these schools were separated by one to two points. So preferably, this year we’re simply naming who we feel are the best, in no particular order.

We must also preface this by saying that while these are some enormous academies to start your search with, ultimately the best college theatre program out there is the one you feel most self-confident and pleasant attending.


When it comes to the craft of playing, students today have plenty of options for the type of way they want to be trained. Some opt the conservatory-style of training while others are looking for something a bit more flexible. It’s enormou to see so many performing arts/ serve programs that are not only focuses on theatre behaving techniques but also acting in front of the camera, which exclusively is in addition to a performer’s versatility.

Here are 30 college programs that we feel should be top destinations for any acting/ playing student.

SUNY Purchase College – Purchase, NY


Why we affection it: The acting BFA program is one of five in the nation that satisfies the circumstances of the Consortium of Conservatory Theatre Training Programs. In the fourth year, graduating elders is submitted to an invited audience of agents, makes, and throwing directors in New York City and Los Angeles.

Muhlenberg College – Allentown, PA

Why we adoration it: The Acting Concentration makes students opportunities to practice their craft every day, alongside talented, suffered toiling professionals. Coursework, in both the classroom and the studio, are complementary to an lengthy and acclaimed Mainstage production season, with copious opportunities to framed theory into practice.

UNC School of the Prowess – Winston-Salem, NC


Why we enjoy it: During the fourth year, students take part in a year-long project, Keys to the Kingdom, in which the class presents a season of independent piece alongside the main-stage yields to encourage and explore aesthetic entrepreneurship.

Northwestern University – Evanston, IL


Why we enjoy it: The senior year focus is spread across a variety of topics including humor, wording, contemporary incident study, and professional aspects of being an actor as well as the opportunity to take a class with a different acting faculty member for a part. In the Acting for Screen Module, students have the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for effective performance in Tv and film.

The Juilliard School – New York, NY

download (3).jpg

Why we desire it: Students do not audition for personas; all giving is done by the faculty. In the first two years, personas are assigned primarily to serve the needs of an individual student’s training rather than the demands of the movement. In the third and fourth times, we seek to serve both the frisk and the requirements of the the ensemble. In addition to being able to formal products, actors originate capacities in brand-new duty by Juilliard playwrights in twice-monthly Playwrights Labs and in more informal PlayTime readings.

SMU – Dallas, TX


Why we desire it: Tracks include Business and Professional Vista of Theatre. This situate boasts preparation for graduating actors that includes gathering resumes, photographs, cold learnings, monologues, and situation work with a variety of dialogues for repertory or summer theater casting.

Brenau University – Gainsville, GA


Why we enjoy it: Brenau University, with the blended subsistence of the University of North Georgia, Theatre Wings, and the Professional Company, has on of the top-ranked theatre program in the state of Georgia. This dynamic collaboration is the Gainesville Theatre Alliance( GTA ).

UCONN – Storrs, CT


Why we adoration it: BFA Acting majors too gave their studio training into practice through the many performance opportunities available at the Connecticut Repertory Theatre. Although first-semester freshmen are not eligible for casting in CRT productions, from their second semester on, acting majors must audition for all CRT depicts. There are also many casting opportunities available to undergraduate performers in the two CRT Studio Works creations that are done every year in our smaller Studio Theatre. In addition, the Department of Dramatic artistries typically displays two or three student-directed “D-Series” productions every year, with undergraduate move majors performing most of the roles.

DePaul University – Chicago, IL


Why we desire it: Learning does not stop in the classroom. Each time The Theatre School raises more than 30 public yields of going influences and lengths to give students ample opportunity to synthesize what they are learning in the classroom.

SCAD – Savannah, GA

Why we adoration it: Increase your showing and experience at auditions hosted by the SCAD Casting Office, the only on-site, professionally flowed giving part in higher education. In recent years, SCAD students have won the Kennedy Center Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship, the most prestigious performing arts competition and playing honour in higher education.

Emerson College – Boston, MA

(Craig Hayes)

( Craig Hayes)

Why we love it: The Big Li’l E Mentorship Program( with the “E” standing for “Emersonian”) is the first resource offered to incoming Performing Arts students. Current Performing Arts student instructors( Big E’s) are selected to mentor incoming undergraduate and graduate Performing Arts students( Li’l E’s) as they begin their degree program at Emerson. The aim of the program is to guide incoming Performing Arts students through their first School year, and beyond.

Drew University – Madison, NJ


Why we desire it: Tracks include “The Actor’s Voice”. Now, students of playing will explore proficiencies to free and enhance the natural speaking articulate for execution in a full range of classical and modern drama. Classifies will utilize a stringent procedure such as the Linklater system to promote relaxation, breather limitation, production, enunciation, and feeling connectedness.

Azusa Pacific University – Azusa, CA


Why we adore it: In the fourth time of training programs, seniors act in a high-quality film with a professional director and creation crew. The students then participate in an industry screening in Los Angeles, ensuring that they graduate the BFA program with related know-how, joinings, and a professional reel.

University of Miami – Coral Gables, FL


Why we adore it: Faculty include Jennifer Burke. Ms. Burke’s recent assignments include performing at the Kennedy Center in the prize-winning, Jasper Lake by John Kuntz and serving as voice/ accent manager for the New England debut of David Hare’s Stuff Happens.

Webster University – St. Louis, MO


Why we desire it: The third year of Conservatory is about application. The work in contrasting styles becomes even more ambitious. Sciences acquired in the previous two years are applied to Shakespeare, Restoration’ and Edwardian drama. Voice and progress categorizes develop even more specific skills in speeches, interval shift, and stage combat. A directing class is added to the basic core.

Nebraska Wesleyan University – Lincoln, NE


Why we adore it: Nebraska Wesleyan has hired HDR, an international architecture firm based in Omaha, to renovate McDonald Theatre. The programme concentrate on brand-new posteriors, a new place, and a new lobby.

Pace University – New York, NY

Copy of Les Liaisons.jpg

Why we enjoy it: Coursework includes “The Industry for the BFA Actor”. This direction trains students for the business side of the entertainment industry and what it takes to be a working performer in New York. Students learn how to prepare for auditions as well as general joins with agents and giving national officers and how to effectively market themselves.

Wright State University – Dayton, OH


Why we desire it: The Honors program in Acting affords superior students with further opportunity to demonstrate excellence and receive special approval in their major time. Honors students create a capstone project, such as a self-written monodrama, a solo recital, steering a creation, or other projects that are mutually agreed upon with the student’s advisor.

UCLA – Los Angeles, CA


Why we desire it: Coursework includes Articulation, Pitch, and Vocal Choices. Focus on enunciation: study consonants, nasal continuants, plosives, fricatives, continuants, laterals, and slinks, as well as pitch and safest expanding vocal collection and slope. Exploration also of warm-ups, activities with vocal preferences, and workouts with monologues.

High Point University – High Point, NC


Why we love it: The Theatre Department offers a Maymester designation “Shakespeare in Performance” that combinings a semester’s classroom study of Shakespeare and his works with a two-week study abroad to London and Stratford-on-Avon. The adventure begins with travel to London, England to return theater to life. The track will include travel to Stratford-upon- Avon, and at least five-play conducts in some of the most famous theaters in the world including the Royal Shakespeare Company Theater and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Along the method, investigate the locates in London and inspect Shakespeare’s birthplace.

CalArts – Valencia, CA


Why we cherish it: The Actors Showcase is an annual program of graduating actor renditions for theater, movie and television industry professionals. Developed through a direction in their final semester, the showcase is a vital bridge for graduates opening the professional field. Presented in Los Angeles and New York.

Rutgers University – New Brunswick, NJ


Why we desire it: A department of superb surmount teachers and professional artists move each student’s progress. Acting, Voice, Speech, and Movement constitute the program’s integrated core, augmented by courses in Clown, Script Analyses, Performance Ensemble, Dialects and Acting for the Camera.

Ball State University – Muncie, IN

Gabi Glass,Photo

Gabi Glass, Photo

Why we enjoy it: Professors will assist in finding internships, professional employ, and summer training opportunities in all regions of the world. Recent placements include Actors Theatre of Louisville, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Drury Lane Theatre, Mind the Gap in the U.K ., Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, and Williamstown Theatre Festival, among many others.

Boston University – Boston, MA


Why we affection it: Guaranteed casting in the School of Theatre’s 35+ Makes each season, twice a semester beginning in the sophomore year. These rehearsal and conduct openings support students the opportunity to apply the dynamic work of their grades in practice.

Ithaca College – Ithaca, NY


Why we enjoy it: Numerous students take advantage of Ithaca College’s London Center and waste the autumn semester of their junior year studying British drama and culture. In the elderly time, opportunities include seminars and masterclasses that is facilitated by the transition to the profession.

NYU Tisch – New York, NY


Why we affection it: Tisch Drama has 10 professional training studios. Each studio coachs a unique approaching to creative work–encouraging students to explore and develop a skill based on their individual needs and aspirations.

Milikin University – Decatur, IL


Why we affection it: Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre is an exciting thought in undergraduate education. Of cooperating with the Millikin Center for Entrepreneurship, the School of Theatre and Dance has created a laboratory environment where students can “play, experimentation, and explore.” Through course work and practical application, students’ sciences are put to the test in this student-run business venture. From selecting a season to directing, designing, and play-act, from sell and public blooming to managing monetary responsibilities, students engage in all aspects of feeing a small theatre company.

Fordham University – New York, NY


Why we adore it: The conduct track is centered in Stanisklavski’s late working in collaboration with physical acts. The instruct also includes voice work with Linklater and Fitzmaurice skills, and progress work in restraints such as Alexander, Feldenkrais, and Butoh.

Bennington College – Bennington, VT


Why we adoration it: Faculty include Dina Janis, a lifetime member of the famed Actors Studio, currently led by Ellen Burstyn, Al Pacino, and Harvey Keitel. As an actor, she developed immediately with Kim Stanley, Uta Hagen, Stella Adler, and Sanford Meisner.

Oberlin College – Oberlin, OH


Why we adore it: The Irene and Alan Wurtzel Theater is an accessible and most changeable act room that can accommodate up to 300 benches. This medium-sized theater is the third performance space for Oberlin’s dance, theater, and vocal studies platforms. Faculty and students alike will be able to present student-produced, experimental, and small- and full-scale play-acts and operas.

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