A new King Shark poster for The Suicide Squad parodies Will Smith’s brand-new film, King Richard. Now playing in theaters and streaming on HBO Max, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad had already broken records for an R-rated movie during the pandemic era, raking in $4.1 million from its early preview screenings alone. Considering its R-rating and dual stream liberation, this is an fantastically positive early sign for The Suicide Squad’s box office performance.

Gunn’s entry to the DCEU is a quasi-reboot/ sequel to David Ayer’s controversial Suicide Squad from 2016. Alongside a huge lineup of strangers, Gunn opted to bring back a few holdovers from the previous cinema. They are Harley Quinn( Margot Robbie ), Rick Flag( Joel Kinnaman ), Captain Boomerang( Jai Courtney ), and Amanda Waller( Viola Davis ). Despite drawing interest from Gunn, Will Smith’s Deadshot was unable to return due to scheduling conflicts. Smith can instead be seen in another Warner Bros. film coming to HBO Max, King Richard, in which he plays the father and manager of tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams.

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One of the DC film’s fan-favorite outsiders is a humanoid shark voiced by Sylvester Stallone. Though his specify is Nanaue, he is better known as King Shark. Since a poster for King Richard was just exhausted last-place month, The Suicide Squad capitalise on the connection in the best possible way with a King Shark poster parodying Smith’s upcoming film. Check out the poster below, followed by the original 😛 TAGEND

Click here to see the King Shark poster .

Click now to see the King Richard poster .

Even though The Suicide Squad have now been performed its most apprehended debut, its promotional expedition is clearly not done displaying little pearls like this King Shark poster. Ever since he made his first appearance in a trailer for The Suicide Squad, King Shark has been one of the most popular beginners to Task force X and one of the specific characteristics fans would least like to see die. Considering Gunn’s innumerable taunts about the film’s many fatalities, it would be wise not to get too attached to King Shark, despite how captivating he may be.

It’s nice to see The Suicide Squad’s promotional expedition playfully teasing Smith with the same energy its titular crew of supervillains would with one another. To add to the farcical relationship, King Richard was the very activity who really avoided Smith from reprising his role as Deadshot, which lends an extra layer to this parody. King Shark and the rest of Task Force X’s wacky immigrants can now be seen in action in The Suicide Squad.

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