Now that these supervillains are officially back on the big screen, gatherings may be wondering if there’s a way to watch The Suicide Squad online for free. Fans of the DC Universe’s most dastardly antiheroes are in luck–there is a way to watch The Suicide online for free, and we’ll be clarifying everything you need to know below.

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Like other Warner Bros movies such as Wonder Woman: 1984, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Tenet, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad will too be streaming on HBO Max. The supervillain movie is a reboot of 2016′ s Suicide Squad( also may be obtained on HBO Max) and is set to have a special preview release on Thursday, August 5 in theaters and on the streaming platform. Primarily, the movie was set to premiere a era later on HBO Max, but Warner Bros made the decision to surprise followers at home with the option of a Thursday night show beginning at 7 PM ET. This conveys supporters all over the country should be able to watch The Suicide Squad at the same time–regardless of whether they’re viewing in theaters or at home.

Still, many are looking for a way to tune in for free, in which case: we got you. Keep on see below for everything you need to know about watching The Suicide Squad online for free, so you don’t miss Margot Robbie’s tumultuous Harley Quinn and the rest of this delinquent crew taking on another life or death mission–all in a hopeles offer to get out of prison.

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