'The Power' is a claustrophobic horror movie with a devastating message

There are many striking personas in The Power, but the one that stands out most clearly is a painting.

A little cartoon girl, staring wide-eyed from the wall of a paediatrics division, her finger pressed tightly to her cheeks. It’s just one of many fazing items in the sprawling 1970 s London hospital complex where Val( Rose Williams) starts her brand-new hassle as a nanny — but as she soon detects when her long first day stretches into the nightshift, it barely scratches the surface of the building’s rotten core.

Set in 1974 at a time when a fighting between the unions and the UK government is leading to strategy blackouts each night, The Power is a claustrophobic cinema in which drastic regulations bristle and anatomies of official power with an iron fist. In Val’s very first meeting with a stony-faced hospital matron, she’s told in no uncertain terms to do as she’s told if she wants to fit in and that she shouldn’t even speak to the doctors because “they communicate above your level.” Read more …

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