It used to be, when things exited bump in the night, you’d have to madly try to convince your loved ones it was something otherworldly based on your name alone. Not so in the 21 st century! The Paranormal Activity series generated good old-time caught on camera, saw footage horror home in a big way with its humble beginnings as an indie obsession projection for conductor Oren Peli. Subsequent Paranormal Activity movies is demonstrated that initial haunting was exclusively part of a much larger picture that spans decades and even troughs back and forth through time. Yes, epoch wander is a thing in Paranormal Activity! So with Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin starting the franchise back up on Paramount +, let’s take a look at the Paranormal Activity Timeline in Chronological Order. Spoilers for each and every movie onward!

From Paranormal Activity 1 to Paranormal Activity 2 to Paranormal Activity 3 to Paranormal Activity 4, and then all the ones that discontinued the numbers in their designations – The Marked Ones, The Ghost Dimension, and Next of Kin – this video tells the full Paranormal Activity fib still further. You want a Paranormal Activity terminating excused? We cover all that now as well. Wondering about Katie from Paranormal Activity? Got you too. Need answers to all your Asmodeus, Tobi, and Book of Tobit questions. WE ARE ON IT.

Weirdly enough, the Paranormal Activity timeline starts in 1988 with the third film, where sisters Katie and Kristi Featherston live with mom Julie and her videographer suitor Dennis in a house with some quite amazing sightlines that’ll come in handy last-minute. Grandma Lois comes by for visits to see the girls and to nose into Julie’s personal life-time. Kristi has been talking to a brand-new imaginary friend, Tobi, whose spirit seems to be coinciding with some strange occasions around the house, like junk coming onto invisible entities! Dennis decides to set up cameras throughout the house to try and catch Tobi on camera, even determining one up on an oscillating love base to get a better look of the downstairs. But Tobi’s moderately camera reticent, so he’s content to let Kristi do the talking for now.

And of course, you know where it travels from here. We’ve get Paranormal Activity portals, we’ve came Paranormal Activity haunts, we’ve went Paranormal Activity terrifying kids, and we’ve went Paranormal Activity regular people who freak out and is actually, really bad things. It’s, like, all really PARANORMAL. So watch our full timeline chronology of Paranormal Activity to get the full floor on this enduring horror series.

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