It’s an indicator of the different levels of trust MacFarlane and his squad have developed in their writing that The Orville Season 2 Episode 12 was able to avoid cliche and the expected inference in this Moclan conflict.

Vertical Bortus - The Orville Season 2 Episode 4

Mind you, the diplomatic judgment we DID get left a lot of issues on the table.

At the different levels of the Planetary Union, the Moclans are the first dissenters we’ve met and they are neither mollified nor affirmed their demands.

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Their menace to disown their membership over the settlement of females genuinely drives dwelling the utter misogynistic sort of their culture.

Mercer gets to trot out a lot of righteous exasperation over the interplanetary liaison with the Moclans, exclusively with their weapons technology.

If “were not” willing to stand up for the values that this organization was founded on, what exactly are we protecting?

Mercer Permalink: If we are not willing to stand up for the values that this league was founded on, what exactly …

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So, yeah, with the Kaylons as the self-evident threat and the Krill in the tenuous very early stages of convention, the Moclans are kind of small-scale fish.

At the level of Moclan society, you’d think they’d admire a entirely seperate planet for females.

After all, gender segregation is exactly what Klyden suggested to the brand-new classroom educator( played by MARINA SIRTIS !! OMG !!!).

Klyden - The Orville Season 1 Episode 3

It has to be assumed that the sanctuary planet isn’t 100% girl since the Moclan engineer and his partner made their “daughter i m talking about” and it didn’t look like they were being rushed out the door.

So would the planet also provide sanctuary for Moclans who are heterosexual like Locar from The Orville Season 2 Episode 7?

And are female Moclans homosexual as well? That’s something that’s never been broached with Heveena.

Searching the Cave - The Orville Season 1 Episode 3

Of direction, when they first encountered her on The Orville Season 1 Episode 3, she was pretty much the only girl on Moclus, completely isolated from society.

With no other females and any males who would be interested being persecuted themselves, she genuinely had no opportunity to have any kind of insinuate relationship.

Then there’s a biological question of whether all Moclans are capable of producing eggs for replication irrespective of sex.

Head to Head - The Orville Season 1 Episode 3

At the level of the vessel, Klyden and Bortus’ relationship has never looked so questionable.

From their fundamental creed which have obviously diverged dramaticallly from when they met and married to their individual relationships with their son, Topa, it is clear it’s going to take more than couples’ counseling to regenerate their divide.

And, speaking of Topa, the only topic “thats been” brought to any kind of conclusion was his classroom behavior towards females. Attending him cooperate with his female classmate probably elicited the most difficult smile we’ve “ve seen” on Bortus.

Vertical Bortus - The Orville Season 2 Episode 7

It turned out to be a outstandingly focused chapter despite the red herring teaser with the Moclan engineer and his partner.

I’ll admit to being a little worried when they couldn’t find the research bowl. I was genuinely entertaining the notion that Bortus had aided a duet of kidnappers. Well played.

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There were lots of little discovers and quirks in this episode which I possibly exclusively suspected correctly about 50% of the time.

I was able to predict that Topa wouldn’t be able to keep the secret and that Klyden would report it but that is likely to wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone.

Happy Family - The Orville Season 2 Episode 1

I likewise suspected that countries around the world would be a temple( it WAS the claim of the incident, after all) for female Moclans.

I kind of said he hoped that when Grayson and Bortus arrived, the female Moclan militia would’ve taken care of the male Moclan assault party but the Dolly Parton-soundtracked crusaded was pretty awesome.

( I continue to be amused by how the present buys the licensing for one hymn( seemingly) each occurrence and then really gamblings and remarks it to demise .)

Heveena: Who is she? Mercer: That’s Dolly Parton.Heveena: She speaks with the might of a hundred soldiers! Mercer: Yeah, yeah, I suspect she does.Heveena: This is the voice of our revolution.

Permalink: This is the voice of our revolt .

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Malloy as tone of ground is always an peculiar be participating in my knowledge. When he tries to predominate in Keyali from shelling on the Moclans, it seemed overly cautious for the I’ll-just-turn-this-shuttle-into-a-party-bus pilot.

At the same period, he solved the masked ion line puzzle AND came up with the evasive manuveur through the nebula to dupe the Moclan ship.

Although I question the chain of command that kept Keyali in the captain’s seat in the first place, I adoration her coming to the conflict.

Keyali Close Up Vertical - The Orville Season 2 Episode 9

And not to tarnish her coherence as a Planetary Union policeman, but she does have a bit of an axe to grind with the Moclan culture after what really happened to Locar.

She must’ve enjoyed saying the fire on some level.

A Discussion Among Admirals - The Orville Season 2 Episode 12

The moral question of protecting the underprivileged person of a foreign nation is pretties on-the-nose political messaging.

And ridiculously timely considering the current state of American affairs.

Taking it in purely the purposes of the The Orville’s futuristic ‘verse, you’d reflect the Planetary Union would also have had provisions for refugee claimants.

The biography of moral progress can be measured by the expansion of fundamental rights to those who have been denied them.

Heveena Permalink: The history of moral progress can be measured by the expansion of fundamental rights to those …

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Heveena gets the bulk of the speeches now and Rena Owen delivers them with gravitas and verve.

Which is perhaps why her instant enamourment with Dolly Parton is so chuckle-worthy.

I reflect the hardest thing to consent when watching The Orville online is how truly difficult it is to change an built ideology.

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It doesn’t significance that Heveena is Moclus’ greatest novelist.

It doesn’t material that many of the Moclan males got their butt knocked by the females.

It doesn’t content that the female sanctuary planet thrives in the absence of any strong male influence.

Two Moclans and a Little Lady - The Orville Season 1 Episode 3

Moclans like Klyden are dogmatic in their adherence to what they’ve learned as truth.

It’s a daunting situation at best for individuals like Bortus who dream of a better future for his people.

The only possible counter is optimism like Heveena’s.

The revolution has been engaged in. We will rise, one tiny win at a time.

Heveena Permalink: The revolution has begun. We will rise, one small-minded victory at a time .

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So how glad were you to have a new escapade of The Orville?

Where does the Moclan delegation’s position leave the Planetary Union in terms of the Kaylon threat?

Where does all this leave Bortus and Klyden?

Were there any divergences that stood out to you?

How stunning was the P.U. Council Chamber? It was like a Noah’s Ark of immigrants! Entirely reminded me of the Star Wars Episode 1 Senate Scene.

Which aliens were you most excited to catch sight of?

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