Netflix is officially losing The Office at the end of 2020. Although The Office originally aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013, the hitting sitcom has found a second life in recent years thanks to streaming. Thanks to its remarkable assign headlined by Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, and Rainn Wilson and the high rewatchability point, The Office has gained an even bigger fan base now than what it had after the line finale.

This success can be attributed to Netflix, where The Office became a staple of the streamer’s library for subscribers looking for light and familiar fabric, much like Friends. NBC previously licensed The Office’s exclusive stream rights to Netflix, but the onetime corporation propelled a service of their own, Peacock, in early 2020. Once Peacock was announced, it didn’t make long for reports to surface that The Office would leave Netflix and depart exclusively to NBC’s service instead.

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Following reports that The Office would assemble Peacock’s library in 2021, Netflix officially has announced that that the serial is leaving on December 31, 2020. This means that starting January 1, 2021, Peacock will be the only streaming service to contain all nine seasons of The Office domestically. Previous reports memo NBCUniversal acquired the rights for the next five years by compensating Farmers Universal Television $ 100 million per year.

Now that Netflix has confirmed The Office is leaving at the end of 2020, it could be a huge blow to the current king of the stream combats. A canvas from 2019 produced sickening outcomes about Netflix’s subscriber count should they lose The Office along with Friends and Disney. Nearly half of the participants between 18 -2 9 years old said they’d unsubscribe if these major claims were no longer part of the Netflix library. Friends previously left to join HBO Max at the start of 2020, and almost all Disney movies and testifies are on Disney+ by now. While Netflix was constructed chiefly as a accumulation for known entitlements and simply dabbled with originals, Netflix’s original content will continue to become more important to their future.

What the loss of The Office eventually means for Netflix remains to be seen, but this should be a big boost for Peacock. NBC’s streaming service recently reported 22 million readers compounded between their many free and paid tiers. Now that The Office is coming in 2021, Peacock should push hard to let the public know that this is the new home to make prove – and that people can watch it for free, with ads. Plus, Peacock will have extended versions of The Office chapters . If the demand to rewatch The Office remains high after it leaves Netflix, then Peacock will get a major shot in the arm to increase subscribers next year.

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