The Navy prohibited Tom Cruise from flying an actual F-1 8 Super Hornet jet in the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick movie. Tom Cruise lay in a request to fly the F-1 8 airplane but the Navy repudiated him permission. So so as to create the semblance of the actor flying the jet in the Top Gun movie, they invested an IMAX camera inside the cockpits to shoot particular places while skilled Navy captains administered the flying. Tom Cruise may not be able to fulfill his dreams of piloting an F-1 8 Super Hornet in Top Gun Maverick, but adjudicating from what we’ve seen in the Top Gun Maverick trailer, he’s all over the P-5 1 and many other helicopters and helicopters. Top Gun: Maverick will finally find its space jetting into theaters November 19 th.

In other word, actor Oscar Isaac tells us all why he attached the throw of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie from superintendent Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Speaking with Total Film, Isaac talks about his love of the Metal Gear Solid games. In knowledge, after an interview IGN did with Oscar Isaac where he uncovered he was necessary to illustrate Solid Snake in a Metal Gear Solid movie, head Vogt-Roberts took to Twitter posting this conversation he had with creator Bosslogic where he did a mockup of Isaac as the iconic video game character. And ultimately, Mike Richards steps down as co-host of Jeopardy after an investigation was called by the Anti-Defamation League, following a report by The Ringer containing an history of offensive and sexist observations Richards made to his younger female co-host on his podcast, “The Randumb Show” in 2014.

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