THE NAKED WANDERER Trailer# 1 NEW( 2019) John Cleese Comedy Romance Movie HD

In Australia Cinemas September 2019


Jake have now reached rock bottom and he’s got to face the naked truth – She’s just not that into Him. Dumped by his girlfriend, Jake is left feeling venerable and alone. With the support of his best mate Cameron, Jake sets out on his own Eat, Pray, Love journey to prove his worth and win back his ex-girlfriend.

Set in a small costal town by the seaside, the boys learn that there aren’t plenty of fish in the oceans and seas. To gain national media coverage and the attention of the local damsels, Jake bares all and establishes off on a naked pilgrimage for kindnes. Cameron secures the assistance of long lost uncle Mr. King( John Cleese ), a weathered and prosperous business humankind with currency to splash. Mr. King favours Jakes wander in return for positive publicity.

Dubbed’ The Naked Wanderer’ Jake lets it all hang loose as he jeopardizes two and a half thousand kilometres across Western Australia to rekindle his broken relationship. But what happens on the road doesn’t consequently stay on the road … A brand-new ardour interest might just change his direction and maintain him out of the eye of the commotion. Will Jake ever make it to Broome ?!

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