Forza Horizon, Microsoft’s wildly successful open-world racing game, is returning for its fifth iteration on November 9. Now, it has been announced that Mercedes-AMG’s Project ONE hypercar will be featured front and center on the game’s cover.

The car will come in its” Forza Horizon Edition” guise, which includes a special red, white-hot, white-haired, and black Forza-exclusive livery, although the game’s nearly limitless customization alternatives can be used for it as well. And thanks to all the collaborative work done between Mercedes-AMG and the Forza team, the Project ONE is depicted in great detail not only in its gazes, but also in its driving experience.

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“The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE is strictly limited to 275 parts in the real world. We’re delighted that there’s now a excellent digital variance exclusively in Forza Horizon 5 ,” said Philipp Schiemer, Chairman of the Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.” Thanks to our close cooperation with Microsoft, we can now virtually furnish the unique driving ordeal of our hypercar to a large group of addicts in the best and most impressive way currently available on the gaming stage, ”

Something interesting about the Project ONE in the game is that in addition to its automatically-deploying active aero, which we’ve seen in other Horizon tournaments in the past, the car will also have selectable drive states, a feature that’s a first for the Forza Horizon sequence. Actors will have the ability to take advantage of both this and the car’s 1,000+ hp( 1,014+ Pss/ 746+ kW) as they drive across the digitally-recreated Mexican landscape.

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“We are honoured to continue our long-term relationship with Mercedes-AMG to peculiarity the most sought-after Mercedes-AMG Project ONE in Forza Horizon 5. We have boasted Mercedes-AMG vehicles in every Forza game, nonetheless, this is the first time we’ve partnered to peculiarity a Mercedes-AMG vehicle on the covering of a Forza game. I cannot imagine a more exciting car to start with than the amazing Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, ” said Alan Hartman, Vice President of Forza Racing Franchise, Xbox Game Studios.

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