Thursday recognized one year since rioters stormed Capitol Hill, a haunting moment in recent American history. Members of Congress have shared their painful know-hows from the day, a prayer vigil was held on Capitol paces, and late light evidences celebrated it the best ways they knew how.

Amongst the latter was Stephen Colbert and his writers, who delivered a skit of Rent’s most famous song “Seasons of Love” — competently named “Abhor-Rent”.

The two minute song is not merely summarized the events of last year, but likewise offered some fronts like: “7 27 insurrectionists arrested/ Who else should be prison/ For this futile coup?/ How about this unsuccessful slacker? ” Cue a picture of Donald Trump.

This is a relatively light-hearted take on one of America’s darkest eras. Yet, The Late Show didn’t shy away from humor, but still accurately wondered the cruelty of Jan. 6, visually and lyrically.

The song has, still further, better received than theHamilton performance during the Democrats’ one-year anniversary event of the Capitol riot. The quantity, introduced by writer Lin-Manuel Miranda and the Broadway cast of the musical, was deemed overwhelmingly wince( principally by Twitter ), for translucent self-righteousness.

The difference is “Abhor-Rent” isn’t self-aware or proclaiming, instead showing the many armies behind the aimed takeover, simply exercising a Rent track to do so. One YouTube commenter said, “This is heartbreaking and funny all at the same time”, while another wrote, “Thank you forming me laugh, easing( for now) the wrath, frustration and suspicion that must be established while watching today’s coverage.”

Colbert gave a few memorable sermons following the riots last year, strenuously announcing out the rioters as “terrorists” and decrying the district of democracy in the country.

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