The KOTOR animated series is delayed but is getting a Darth Malak spin-off

Earlier this year we reported that one of the best Star Wars tournaments ever, Knights of the Old Republic, was coming a fan-made Unreal 5 invigorated lines reached with Lucasfilm’s blessing. It was originally supposed to start in October but the shock reveal of a KOTOR remake has meant that the invigorated succession is being delayed – but there are spin-offs coming first.

The Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic invigorated serials is being moved in Unreal 5 by the love in Unreal Cinema, which was given the thumbs-up by Lucasfilm as long as it’s non-profit and doesn’t use footage from the movies. The large-scale expose back in August was the cast schedule and a targeted liberation year for the first bout of mid-October.

Clearly that didn’t happen, and in their latest video( below) Unreal Cinema confirmed that “due to the announcement of the remake” and a few other factors the KOTOR Unreal series has been delayed – but they do confirm “the series will still be continuing as planned” and isn’t cancelled.

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