The Internet Is In Tears Over Game Contestant's Answer To Question About MolesITV

Politics might be a dividing topic, but internet users of all states parties were united by laugh after experiencing a game show contestant’s response to a politics-related question.

Two parties had the opportunity to answer the question when appearing on the ITV game show recently, though after it stumped one of the players she decided to pass it off to her fellow contestant.

Deciding to pass on the question might be one of the best decisions the player has ever cleared, at least in the opinion of social media customers, because it resulted in a response that has all along been exit viral.

Contestant on game show (ITV)ITV

The question is as follows:’ Which UK political party shares its epithet with a collective noun for moles ?’

It’s not a particularly easy question if you don’t know the answer, but with merely a handful of parties to choose from, it was likely wouldn’t be too difficult to make an educated guess for the right answer.

Guessing is exactly what the entrant decided to do, though of all the parties she could have chosen, “shes gone” for a quite rogue selection.

See the video below 😛 TAGEND

I precisely saw this on TV and I actually cannot stop laughable xswCrPZy9u

— Zainudeen (@ ZainudeenT) September 30, 2021

She reacted:’ For some reason, Liberal Democrat is exclaiming out at me. I’m not sure why. I believe I’m going to go with Liberal Democrats’.

I have to admit I’m right there with the contestant in not understanding why’ Liberal Democrats’ bounce to thoughts as the collective noun for’ moles ‘, but I theorize the intelligence works in mysterious modes. Regrettably for her, as you may have suspected, it was the inappropriate answer.

Of course that’s the full call for a collective of moles, however more colloquially we say “a lib dems of moles”. https :// L5jzlG1pNl

— Dave Nelson (@ MrNumeros) October 1, 2021

Sharing the excerpt on Twitter, one onlooker wrote:’ I just saw this on TV and I actually cannot stop laughing.’

The answer, if you were wondering, is actually’ labour ‘, though that knowledge is coming a little too late for this particular contestant.

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