Director Antoine Fuqua takes us through the opening scene of ‘The Guilty.’ He explains how he worked with Oscar-nominee Jake Gyllenhaal to craft an intensely paranoid performance, the complications of capturing the phone caller’s tones through Zoom and how he utilized cinematography and igniting to create a sense that Joe is caught in hell, dying of his own guilt.

Almost exclusively set in one location, The Guilty relies on the public to conjure up their own ideas of what has happened to the seized lady. Antoine discusses how he learnt to restrain his filmmaking to allow the viewer’s imagination to run wild.

0:00 – Layering the Story.
2:18 – Performance.
4:26 – Cinematography and Lighting.
6:24 – Trusting the Audience.

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‘The Guilty’ Director Antoine Fuqua Breaks Down The Opening Scene | Netflix

A perturbed police detective assigned to 911 adventurer function scrambles to save a distressed caller during a terrifying day of tellings — and supposes.

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