If you planned to purchase a key for The Division 2 on PC someplace other than Uplay or Epic Games Store, do it quick.

The Division 2 liberates next week on March 15 and retailers have until that appointment to realize PC keys.

Ubisoft and Epic Games announced in January The Division 2 PC “wouldve been” exclusive to Epic Games Store outside of the Ubisoft Store.

From now until handout, many online retailer such as Amazon, Humble Store, Gamesplanet in the UK, and others still have recreations systems available for PC.

Some have also worked dismiss to The Division 2 PC. Gamesplanet is offering 10% off and Green Man Gaming is offering 12% off.

Be sure to browse around in case other online retailers are offering a discount.

Here’s the statement affixed by Gamesplanet on the matter( thanks, resetera ):

Sadly we have to announce you that Ubisoft will not allow digital third party places, such as Gamesplanet, to sell Division 2 after its handout on March 15 th 2019. After this time, the game will digitally exclusively be available through Ubisoft’s Store and the other exclusive digital store. This will too be true for all upcoming recreation content such as Season Pass, Extensions, etc.

Take the opportunity to buy at Gamesplanet until March 15 th 2019 and make use of the paysafecard advertising as this will be available until video games will be attracted from our stores.

We won’t be able to solve some endorsement askings( e.g. key triggered on the inaccurate Ubisoft account) after March 15 th, as we won’t have any more keys to exchange/ swap. Please address your supporting required to be Ubisoft instantly for such cases.

Worry not, all buys that have been completed on Gamesplanet will be decorated. This is also true for gifts , no matter if these ought to have are caught up or not.

Obviously, we are not happy about this decision.

The Gamesplanet Team

Set in Washington, DC this time out, The Division 2 pieces new specializations, a better loadout menu, the additive of agrees, eight-player raids, looting, quality-of-life betters, and much more.

Again, it’s out on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One on March 15. Those who pre-ordered video games can now pre-load it for their respective system.

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