CT Tamburello is returning yet again for The Challenge season 37, and according to the OG cast member, he’s ditched the papa bod and is back in fighting shape. As one of the top Challenge entrants of all time, CT has already gave his stripes, but as he exposes in a brand-new teaser excerpt, it was important to him to sharp his skills and get his body back into peak figure before taking part in another season. With years of experience and now a newly-chiseled physique, CT may have what it takes to slay the rival yet again.

Although CT is reportedly considering The Challenge: All Superstars, he’s not ready to hang up his regular season mitts just yet. Though he’s one of the oldest actors in current pirouette, CT is by no means a layup. Quite the opposite: CT has proven himself to still be a fierce competitor and prevailed season 36, Double Agents, partnered up with rookie Amber Borzotra earlier this year. After yet another demonstration of his Challenge prowess, CT seems to have many of the season 37 casting members shaking in their boots at the thought of going up against the big dog.

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In a teaser excerpt released by Us Weekly for season 37, Spies, Lies, and Friend, CT carries belief upon find the castmates he’ll be competing against. Nonetheless, the other musicians are still leery of CT’s abilities, and for the right reasons. “I made some lifestyle mutates. I got my a ** back in shape, ” CT says in the clip. “I figured if I don’t have the element of surprise anymore with the pa bod, I might as well come in hot.” With CT now amply toned-up and bringing his years of experience, smart-alecky competitors would do well to not underestimate him this season.

CT has come himself into better shape for season 37, but that’s not to say he hasn’t done well recently with his “dad bod” physique. “Ever since I made some time off and “re coming back” with the papa bod , no one demanded me, ” CT admitted to Us Weekly earlier this year. “I’ve always been underestimated. It’s funny because I have a higher earning percentage now during my pa bod age than I done so in my 20 s.” It appears that CT is one of the vets with an excellent shot at winning the upcoming season, and the OG competitor could draw off back-to-back season wins.

As one of the most acclaimed opponents in its own history of The Challenge, there’s a lot of hopes smothering CT despite represent one of the oldest players on the upcoming season. CT says his body is in better appearance this time around which, if you consider his impressive performance in the epic season 36 final, symbolizes he’s well-positioned for another win. Dad bod-era CT might find that his newly-toned body and years of experience could compose him more winnings than young buck-era CT.

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Source: Us Weekly

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