Dave Williams here for #TravelTuesday, as always, now on ScottKelby.com. This week I want to touch on the best camera out there- the one in your pocket.

Almost every one of us has a phone in our pocket. These telephones are now capable of helping us to create awesome images, alongside the mobile editing apps available to us such as Adobe Photoshop. The act of mobile phone cameras has grown massively in recent years, rendering us the ability to shoot in a way same to when we’re shooting on our’ proper camera’. Noise performance in low-spirited glowing, dynamic straddle, screen quickened and other facets have been added to camera phones which give us so much more freedom to be truly innovative on our phones.

When we’re out and about , not undoubtedly with our camera in tow, it’s more genuine now than ever that the best camera we have is the one in our pocket. This is so true, in fact, that Scott has liberated a bible detailing all the reasons why and how to impel the best possible use of these astonishing slice of kit.

I’ve often observed myself’ catch short’, so to say, and resorted to using my iPhone to take a photo. That said, I’ve also squandered my iPhone in place of my camera, or in addition to using my camera. Sometimes when working on a tripod or when taking a long exposure and having the camera unavailable at any appropriate moment, our phone takes its region and allows us to carry on shooting, particularly in minutes where the opportunity may extend.

This is a selfie take right after I delivered the last line to camera for my recent KelbyOne class. It’s an iPhone shot, edited in my phone using Adobe Photoshop and LD( Lens Distortions .)

Here’s my 3LeggedThing in Reine, Norway. As is obvious, my camera is in the photo- I took this with my iPhone as a long exposure and edited it in the phone with Snapseed.

This iPhone shot from the Italian Dolomites demonstrates the dynamic range on offer to us, right in our pockets.

This iPhone shot from Iceland shows the artificial separate we can have on our personas by utilising a phone camera with more than one lens, compounding images right in the telephone to separate a topic( me, of course) from the background.

And this is me with strolling myth, Mark Heaps, at Byron Burger in London … because that’s likewise what our telephones are for!

I’ll reiterate something I’ve already said, but merely because it performs so much sense.

The camera on our phone is more powerful than ever, and the best camera we have is the one we have in our pocket.

Use your phone camera as often as you can. Get to clutches with all it can do so you can beat take advantage of it to create some huge photos. You won’t regret it.

Much love


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