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Written in the stars

The 12 signals of the zodiac have ancient origins, but their application is timeless. Like the best bibles of all time, they facilitate express what it is to be human in all of its richness, intricacy, and wonder. Which is why books based on zodiac signs can be some of the most insightful and provoking you’ll ever read.

A book that represents your sign–one you identify with–can offer insight into your own unique ordeal. Reading promotes connection, whether you’re immersing yourself in the best self help notebooks, best nonfiction works, or connecting with your favorite offices by female authors to gain a new perspective.

How do you choose journals based on zodiac signs? We “ve spoken to” two professional astrologers and novelists, djenneba drammeh( whose appoint convention is lowercase) and E.Y. Washington, who are also each current or onetime booksellers and coeditors for the forthcoming astrology anthology Mercury’s Brood. Read on to see how these astrologers describe 12 contemporary diaries and the ways they reverberate with the zodiac signs. See which signeds you vibe with most, and if you’re going gaga over the stars, check out the best astrology books to assist you learn more about the topic.

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