It’s not just a order … It’s a warning.
From Warner Bros. Pictures comes Matt Reeves’ “The Batman, ” starring Robert Pattinson in the dual capacity of Gotham City’s vigilante detective and his alter ego, reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne.
Starring alongside Pattinson( “Tenet, ” “The Lighthouse”) as Gotham’s famous and abominable cast of characters are Zoe Kravitz( “Big Little Lies, ” “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald”) as Selina Kyle; Paul Dano( “Love& Mercy, ” “1 2 Years a Slave”) as Edward Nashton; Jeffrey Wright( “No Time to Die, ” “Westworld”) as the GCPD’s James Gordon; John Turturro( the “Transformers” films, “The Plot Against America”) as Carmine Falcone; Peter Sarsgaard( “The Magnificent Seven, ” “Interrogation”) as Gotham D.A. Gil Colson; Jayme Lawson( “Farewell Amor”) as mayoral applicant Bella Real; with Andy Serkis( the “Planet of the Apes” films, “Black Panther”) as Alfred; and Colin Farrell( “The Gentlemen, ” “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”) as Oswald Cobblepot.

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