Divisional Round - Minnesota Vikings v San Francisco 49ers

Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/ Getty Images

San Francisco had creaked into the NFC’s no. 1 overall grain, but the team’s 27 -1 0 defeat of the Vikings showed that they are as complete as any team. No one should be surprised if this team is lifting the Lombardi Trophy in a few weeks.

It’s hard to imagine now how the no. 1 grain in the NFC came down to a series of misstep in the final regular-season game. The NFC was decided by a razor-thin margin, but on Saturday the 49 ers was like one of the most dominant crews in football. Top-seeded San Francisco plucked an old-fashioned ass-whupping on the Vikings, winning 27 -1 0 in a succes that sets the team up to host the NFC championship game in Santa Clara next week.

The third one-fourth was a good reminder of exactly what realise the 49 ers a powerhouse. With San Francisco up 17 -1 0, the Vikings got the ball with 10:42 left, facing a critical possession. Outside of one flukey-looking touchdown to Stefon Diggs during the first quarter, Minnesota hadn’t gotten much going–but they’d managed to hang around, and this was their chance to even the score. But Kirk Cousins soon encountered himself in third-and-9, and then this happened 😛 TAGEND

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