The 7X Design Rayo is a Lamborghini Huracan-based supercar that was recently launched at the Concours of Elegance in the UK and in this video, we get an up-close look at it.

In creating the car, 7X Design wanted to make a Huracan that can stumbled 300 mph( 482 km/ h ). With that in attention, it has converted their own bodies of the mid-engined supercar, affixing all-new carbon fiber body panels to improve aerodynamics. These brand-new personas have worked a treat, reducing the drag coefficient from 0.39 down to 0.279.

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YouTuber TheTFJJ recently had the opportunity to see the the Rayo up close and in this video, we get a detailed tour at its redesigned bodywork. Among the key brand-new designing pieces is an modernise front end with a more pronounced nose. The instrument make and rear end is also new and play video games a significant part in improving the car’s lag coefficient.

This clip provides us with a brief look at the car’s interior. It emerges identical to a standard Huracan, although there is a small added instrument ascertain sitting on the dashboard to display vital metrics.

Then there’s the engine. Rather than attempting to build its own unit, 7X Design turned to Underground Racing, an American tuner with years of experience in modifying Lamborghini V1 0s and V12s. For the Rayo’s 5.2 -liter V1 0, Underground Racing has attached a pair of turbochargers and made a plethora of other mutates, filching mutter up to an extraordinary 1,874 hp.

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