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Mae Sariang( aemsaeriiyng) – Therefore welcomed Mae Sariang( aemsaeriiyng ), a small and highly pleasant municipality in the mountainous and remote province of Mae Hong Son, Thailand. It’s a town that is less saw, almost a forgotten sphere of Thailand, and I’m here to tell you they have some incredible street food. Today we’re going on a Thai street food tour! #StreetFood #ThaiFood #Thailand

Morning marketplace – To begin this tour of Mae Sariang( aemsaeriiyng ), we’re first going to the daily morning market, where you’ll find an abundance of locally sourced parts. You’ll even find quite a lot of parts that are unique and inaccessible elsewhere in Thailand. The grocery was nice to walk around, although there wasn’t much premade food to eat, so we continued!

Pa Daeng Khao Soi( raankhaawch` ypaaaedng https :// delineates/ oW6CewbE9bRxRnVY9) – Mae Sariang( aemsaeriiyng) is a hotspot for some of the best khao soi, or curry noodles, that I’ve ever had in Thailand. The richness of the curry working together with the yellow pates is irresistible. Pa Daeng Khao Soi( raankhaawch` ypaaaedng) is a small home restaurant in the neighborhood. The khao soi was excellent.
Price – 40 THB ($ 1.33) per bowl

Mae Luang Penh( aemhlwngephy https :// planneds/ cky7 8wBw2hVQewQP7) – One of the real spotlights of inspecting Mae Sariang( aemsaeriiyng ), and a restaurant that’s worth a pilgrimage from anywhere in Thailand, is this iconic restaurant that serves mallet pounded beef and pork. It’s a goody, and the more you keep on devouring it, the more you love it more and more – greatest ever snack food? The flesh is marinaded, and then it literally slow grills until it’s baked out and withered, and then it’s pounded. The solution is approaching beef jerky, but with still a little of moisture. The residual of the fleshes are also incredible, and there are few things higher than a car sized grill of smoky fleshes!
Total price – 300 THB ($ 9.98)

Khao Soi Halima( raankhaawch` yhaaliimaa https :// planneds/ NR3ob71jBpfKpKSi8) – Finally, to end this Thai street food tour, we’re eating another bowl of Khao Soi, curry pates. Khao Soi Halima( raankhaawch` yhaaliimaa) is a Halal restaurant, and I’m going to tell you straight up that this is the best bowl of Thai curry noodles maybe I’ve ever had. It’s unbelievably rich and thick-witted, with so much flavor it’s almost unbearable.
Price – 40 THB ($ 1.33) per bowl

And that ends an amazing Thai street food tour in Mae Sariang( aemsaeriiyng ). This town is so off the beaten path, this was such an unpredictable Thai food, almost confidential, menu paradise. Amazing town to visit, and a few eateries and street nutrient stalls that will truly realize you happy.

Thank you very much for watching this video, and hope you’re having a magnificent era!



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