Tennis Star Coco Gauff Withdraws From Tokyo Olympics After Testing Positive for COVID-19

Coco Gauff has withdrawn from the upcoming 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

The 17 -year-old tennis star was set to represent Team USA in the international sporting tournament in Japan, but has had to pull out after testing positive for COVID-1 9.

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Coco was picked for Team USA while contesting in women’s singles in July, based on world ranks out of the French Open.

After other top-ranked participates turned down invites, Coco became the youngest Olympic tennis musician since 2000, when Mario Ancic shaped his entry in Sydney at senility 16.

In a statement, Coco revealed the heartbreaking news:” I am so disappointed to share the news that I have be positive for COVID and won’t be able to play in the Olympic Games in Tokyo .”

” It has always been a dream of excavation to represent the USA at the Olympics, and I hope there will be many more chances for me to make this come true in the future ,” Coco supplemented.” I want to wish TEAM USA best of luck and a safe games for every Olympian and the part Olympic family .”

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— Coco Gauff (@ CocoGauff) July 18, 2021

Many in the replies asked if Coco was vaccinated. She is likely to be, but you are still able to contract COVID-1 9 even if you are.

These celebrities are not planning on get the vaccine at all.

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