Warning: This upright contains spoilers for seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso.

If there were to be a fourth season of the Apple TV+ show Ted Lasso, it would boast an entirely new story, according to showrunner Bill Lawrence. The sports comedy, performing Jason Sudeikis as the titular reputation, wrapped up its second season on October 8th with an episode that left the fates of attributes Roy( Brett Goldstein ), Keely( Juno Temple ), and Nate( Nick Mohammed) extremely up in the air. The Emmy-winning series has become a hit for Apple and became the most-nominated freshman comedy with 20 total Emmy nominations. This success has garnered talk about just how long the serial will go on, since Ted Lasso was revived for a third season back in October 2020.

With the exception of major streaming indicates like awarding regulars, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Crown, it is quite rare for a streaming picture to survive past its first two seasons. The production costs come up, the geniu get more costly( Sudeikis will earn a whopping one million per bout next season ), and a decline in ratings all contribute to streaming establishes being canceled prematurely. Lawrence used to say that Ted Lasso was planned for a three-season arc. Storylines like Nate’s descent and Roy and Keely’s relationship were mapped out over the seasons from the start. In the next season of Ted Lasso, these storylines will soon be resolved.

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Lawrence spoke in an interview with THR, saying that regardless of whether or not the see continues past the next season, the stories of Nate, Roy, Keely, and the rest of the AFC Richmond supporting cast will end with season three. Lawrence isn’t opposed to the possibility of more seasons, but he and the writing staff have a exhaustive dissolve for these characters’ passages. If the prove is continuing with, Lawrence will likely be a part of it, but it would tell a new legend with new references. Lawrence’s statement from the interrogation is below 😛 TAGEND

“[ W] hen we started, we schemed out everybody’s beginning, middle and expiration of a three-season arc. This legend is going to be over next year, regardless, even if the register spots another story to tell and goes on.

The future of Ted Lasso absolutely remains on the rulings of its virtuoso, who received an Emmy for his characterization of Ted. Lawrence continued explaining that the testify will exclusively continue if Sudeikis requires it to. He quoth Sudeikis’ personal responsibilities as a father-god( like Ted, Sudeikis is also trying to parent from London) as a potential intellect for manufacturing the next season the last one. If the evidence does continue, Lawrence would consider continuing Ted’s story with a different supporting casting. However, he emphasizes that it’s Sudeikis’ character and ultimately his decision( which is expected to come in a “timely matter”) that will determine the show’s future.

Should Sudeikis decide to continue the show, a fourth season might receive Ted return to Kansas to be with his son or potentially try to mend his relationship with his ex-wife. A explanation of the picture without Ted will likely not be as well-received. If Sudeikis is done and Apple TV+ wants to continue with the right, a spin off starring one of the many exciting supporting attributes like Sam Obisayna would probably be their best bet. Ted Lasso is expected to return in Summer 2022.

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Source: THR

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