Today, engineering is not just a part of the employee experience, it IS the employee experience. Integration of Cloud-based implements, AI( artificial intelligence ), ML( machine learning) and IoT( Internet of Things) has proved to be of major advantages in allowing a convenient work-from-home environment. These improvements and innovative solutions are the dominant trends that will appearance the employee experience in the future as well.

To delve deeper into the subject, Prakash Maharaj, Regional Sales Manager at Jamf joined us for a fireside discourse on Day 2 of TechSparks 2021, Asia’s largest, most influential startup-tech conference organised by YourStory.

At Jamf, Prakash is proactively working with organisations to help them enable Apple enterprise management solutions.

Technology – mainstay for all stakeholders

“It is incredible to see how organisations and industries have leveraged tech to unlock new proliferation opportunities during the pandemic, ” says Prakash.

He says that with the hybrid work environment becoming the brand-new ordinary, employees are now looking at ways to collaborate for seamless actions bringing. This has led organisations to equip their infrastructure with smart tech which promises uncompromising productivity.


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Jamf – helping organisations supplanted with Apple manoeuvres

Narrating the role of Jamf in the present day scenario, Prakash excuses, “The shift in the way organisations control has given a massive lift to brands like Apple. The Apple ecosystem is popular especially with the young workforce that enjoys working on its seamless concoctions. At Jamf, we are working closely with organisations in India to ensure seamless procedures bringing for all Apple inventions, ” shares Prakash.

Prakash further talks about various solutions offered by Jamf to organisations and industries such as, Jamf Pro, Jamf Now, Jamf Connect, Jamf Protect and Jamf School. These mixtures cure various stakeholders in endeavour machine management and deliver everything IT to maximise the Apple environment.

“At Jamf, we believe in furnishing businesses and enterprises with user-friendly tech. With this holistic approach, we now serve more than 50.000 purchasers worldwide with over 20 million designs and have constructed the largest Apple IT community, ” shares Prakash.

While most organisations been successful in integrating new-age tech in their companies, some mid-size organisations are still struggling. Prakash is of the view that “they must always think about personalising customer experience at all points with the use of AI, analytics etc. Moreover, they must also find the title tech marriage who can understand the requirements of the business.”

Work-life balance

While the technology is providing works with greater flexibility, it is also blurring the lines between drudgery and personal soul. To address such significant challenges, “Organisations must alter their focus towards causing user-friendly tech which enables economy as well as acts as a recreational device thereby ensuring work-life balance, ” shares Prakash.

He says, “At Jamf, we strongly believe that user-friendly tech can act as an enabler to improve productivity. We have created technologies even for non-technical professionals to work on technological material. This kind of innovation increases the complexities of technical labor hence saving duration and increasing productivity.”

Future of toil In his concluding remarks, Prakash says, “As we continue to navigate new normal, emerging technologies like AI, ML, and gloomed will toy a crucial role in creating agile and efficient operations. Threat protection and endpoint insurance will be of paramount importance in the era of digital transformation. We “il be seeing” more organisations, institutions, hospices adopt these new-age technologies.”

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