Tata Motors continues to share new videos of the Tata Punch slated to be launched in the Indian market during the upcoming holiday season. The latest video excerpt of the new micro SUV foregrounds the LED DRL, fanny lamp, alloy wheel, and a few other features of the vehicle.

Tata Punch Exterior Features

The video begins by showing the Tata Punch tail lamp. It has a signature LED pattern that reviews stunning and should help people identify the vehicle even from great distances. Its horizontal motif resembles the symbol “T” when ended from left to right. From this angle, we can also appreciate the blacked-out C-pillar of the car that makes a swim roof-like appearance.

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Moving further into the video, “we ii” greeted by the LED DRL and headlamp of the Tata Punch. The LED DRL is targeted high up above whereas the headlamp is positioned lower down – an arrangement that we have already witnessed in the Tata Harrier and 2021 Tata Safari. The front end of the new Perforate also has a grille that was pretty minimalistic and carries the company’s logo in the centre. The black bumper has a nice cross-pattern design and too room haze lamps.

Then we come to the alloy wheel of the brand-new Tata Punch. It has a sporty design and the fit-and-finish likewise appear to be spot on. It will be wearing an Apollo tyre and is, certainly, one of the most important highlightings of the brand-new micro SUV’s side profile.

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Apart from these features, the video likewise shows us the stunning dual-tone colour strategy with off-color bodywork and a white roof. The Tata Punch also has pitch-black organization cladding. It can be found at the bottom of the doors as well as on the wheel arches. It neatly flushes into the front and rear bumpers. The form draping does add to the overall regard and attains the vehicle appear bolder and more masculine, something that should be able to lure in many buyers.

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