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A viral TikTok video indicates Target employees standing outside the locating they work at because, according to the TikToker who announced the time, someone “superglued” the accumulate openings shut.

The caption on the TikTok video, which was affixed to @mikaelaaa_j’s detail, claims that the workers were waiting outside since 3:30 am that morning.

The video, which garnered 7.2 million views and over 762,000 likes since being posted on Aug. 28, pans over Target employees standing in front of the collect. “Locksmith finally evidenced up 20 minutes before the store opened, ” the verse on the video tones.

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The video is captioned: “A day in living conditions of your ordinary retail employee.”

“Someone superglued our doorway slam, ” @ mikaelaaa_j indicates via the caption and using the text-to-speech effect.

Many of the 4,338 commentaries joked about the Target vs. Walmartrivalry that has been brewing on the scaffold recently after a Target employee jokingly took a Walmart shopping cart “hostage.”

“I think it was Walmart, ” says @kamtheman2020.

“1 00% walmart after target held hostage a walmart cart, ” joked thebrand_1.

Some commenters expressed concern that the employees were made to wait outside without pay.

“Can’t believe you waited. It’s a target policy that after 30 mins you can leave and still must pay. It would happen all the time at my store, ” said @lillian8697.

“Target has a policy for when the door is superglued ?, ” greeted @thatsagoodpoint to @lilian8697’s concern.

@mikaelaaa_j followed up with a comment on Sept. 3 addressing their concerns: “We get paid off our scheduled switchings y’all … we’re good.” Her followup to the viral video made over 62,200 likes so far.

The Daily Dot contacted out to @ mikaelaa_j for commentary via TikTok message.

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