We’ve had to wait quite some time for the e-tron GT to be launched, but earlier the coming week, Audi lastly attracted the covers off its recent EV. And while it shares a lot of technology with the Porsche Taycan, it has a unique petition all of its own.

Two discrepancies will be available, both of which feature a pair of electrical engines but differ in their horsepower and torque yields. Sitting at the base of the range is the entry-level e-tron GT Quattro that’s rated at 469 hp and 464 lb-ft( 630 Nm) of torque or 522 hp and 472 lb-ft( 640 Nm) on overboost. Slotting above this variant, and the subject of this video, is the RS e-tron GT, which is rated at 590 hp and 612 lb-ft ( 830 Nm ), and 637 hp and 612 lb-ft on overboost.

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Like the Taycan, both discrepancies of the e-tron GT feature a two-speed gearbox. Audi says the RS will touch 60 mph( 96 km/ h) in precisely 3.1 seconds in European specification.

This clip from Autogefuhl doesn’t just highlight some of the vehicle’s key technical specifications, but also takes a detailed look at both its exterior and interior. In our views, the exterior styling of the e-tron GT, particularly in RS specification, actually meets it glance better than the Porsche Taycan.

The interior of the e-tron GT is also rather interesting and the main points of much of this video. Whereas Porsche furnished the Taycan with a hovel heavy-laden with screens and obliged it unlike any of its other yield modelings, the interior of the e-tron GT isn’t all that different from current combustion engined Audis.

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