Summer Walker is eliciting concern from supporters after affixing a few cases grim announces on her social media notes, indicating she isn’t happy with her current situation.

Summer is known for using her “finsta” page to ventilate and share contentious letters. Well, Friday was no different.

On her “Galactawhore” page, Summer led onward and hurl 2020 and 2021 right along with it, but apparently she’s nursing out hope for 2022.

“F ** k 2020,& f ** k 2021. I’m exactly ready to see better dates. Crossing my digits for 2022( hopefully by then we can all bask in self love& fiscal abundance ), ” she wrote on her phony page.

Summer, who has also been accused of being a conspiracy theorist, made a comment alluding to the coronavirus vaccine.

“& most importantly not be dragged off to fema clique over obligatory vaccines, ” Summer objective her post.

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Fans couldn’t help but wonder if Summer was having a breakdown. She didn’t help notions when she have been complied with that initial berth with something a bit more dark.

In a second post( that she last-minute deleted ), Summer Walker shared a excerpt from the movie “Precious, ” in which Mo’Nique’s character is calling the titular attribute a “dummy.”

Summer’s caption predict, “Me to me in this dumb a ** situation I done got myself in.”

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Fans were once again mystified and concerned for Summer’s mental health, peculiarly considering she just uncovered her gestation a week ago .

Summer is expecting her first child with London On Da Track. Though the status of their relationship continues to seem uncertain, it looks like Summer has cuddled her pregnancy.

We hope that everything is OK and that these regular rants are just that. We’ll restrain you positioned on any updates.

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