If it didn’t previously looks a lot like the throw of The Suicide Squad had a great time working together, Daniela Melchior has shared a behind-the-scenes video of a birthday surprise that administrator James Gunn organized for her. Melchior represents Ratcatcher II, one of the new additions to Task Force X in Gunn’s soft-reboot-come-sequel to David Ayer’s Suicide Squad. The movie represents Melchior’s firstly English usage film, as she’s mainly knows we her work on Portuguese television series like Ouro Verde, films The Black Book and Perque Mayer, and singer Spider-Gwen/ Gwen Stacey for the Portuguese version of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

In the DC comics, Ratcatcher is a villain who can communicate with and control the rats that occupy Gotham City’s sewers, using them to commit numerous crimes and destabilize the city. Melchior’s version, Cleo Cazo, is a brand-new explanation of the character created specifically for The Suicide Squad. She is depicted as the daughter of the original Ratcatcher, hence the supplemented suffix to her honour. It has also been theorized that the original Ratcatcher could be the inscrutable role being played by Taika Waititi in the film, which can create a lot of drama if and when the pair are reunited.

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Melchior shared the video on her Twitter account reminiscing about her duration “workin on” The Suicide Squad. Dated November 1st, 2019, Melchior’s birthday, the video indicates her being surprised on set in Panama by a colorful tower of cupcakes between makes with David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man. Melchior described the surprise as “one of the best days of[ her] life.” You can check out her full tweet below 😛 TAGEND

Gunn also surprised Melchior with a custom-made calendar sport Georgie, a Pomeranian belonging to one of the make-up artists “workin on” the cinema that the give and crew had become very attached to. Adorably, Melchior is clutching one of the rats that gambling Sebastian in The Suicide Squad the part time. Melchior had previously illustratedthree rats play the various roles and that some of the co-stars were less than exhilarated about their attendance on situated – chiefly Idris Elba and Viola Davis.

It’s currently unknown how many members of Task Force X will make it out of the mission alive. Still, Melchior’s Ratcatcher has been peculiarity heavily in both the trailers and promotional material, so the odds are looking good. Her character has been described as the team’s heart and has been shown in various trailers having a heartfelt time with Elba’s Bloodsport. Hopefully, she makes out of the cinema alive and could potentially return for a sequel, especially as Gunn has taunted returning to the DCEU. From many reports and Melchior’s tweet, it seems as though the cast enjoyed working together and modelled close ligaments, so hopefully, they will have the opportunity to keep working together in the future. The Suicide Squad liberates on August 6th.

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