When it comes to producing bass, there is no alternative to woofers and subwoofers. However, purchasers are always confused about whether to buy woofers or subwoofers.

There are some who believe that both of them refer to the same thing. Others are curious to know the difference between both the gizmoes and then decide which one is perfect for them. In general, both the devices display a low-frequency sound which in turn develops the bass.

But there are different from one another on almost all the different audio constants. In this article, we will make a detailed comparison of subwoofer vs woofer.

What is a Subwoofer?


A subwoofer is a loudspeaker that can produce low-frequency sounds. In general, the low-frequency sound series for a subwoofer is between 20 Hz and 200 Hz.

Therefore, it can add rich bass to your audio system. You need a subwoofer when your traditional sound system is not able to produce low-frequency sound and therefore, imperceptible bass effect.


Consistency: A subwoofer improves bang quality by reproduce low-frequency styles. When you contribute a subwoofer to your sound system, there will be less distortion and therefore, the overall audio recital to further improve and be consistent. Rich Bass: The main purpose of a subwoofer with a view to improving bass in the sound system. It chiefly focuses on low-pitched frequencies so that there will be a rich bass effect. In fact, the bass is far better than that of a general woofer.


Space: Subwoofers destroy sizable seat. It will be tough for places where there is a lack of significant room. Superpower Source: Compared to a woofer, subwoofers destroy more wattage. You will have to opt for a high ampere push.

What is a Woofer?


A woofer is also a loudspeaker that can produce low-frequency sounds. However, the array of frequency is wider in comparison to a subwoofer. It straddles from 40 Hz to 2500 Hz. Therefore, it acts as a specialized speaker. Since it can have a wide range of tones, it is ideal for residence theatres.


Overall Sound Quality: A woofer is suitable for improving the overall audio aspect. This necessitates it can improve low-toned as well as high-frequency resound. Compact Build: Unlike a subwoofer, a woofer comes in a pact size. It tells you save seat and have huge audio. Wider Range: A woofer has a high-frequency range of up to 2 Khz as comparison with 200 Hz of a subwoofer.


Not Specialized: A woofer is not a specialized invention as it can neither induce very low-frequency nor raise very high-frequency. Influence Consumption: The technical specifications of a woofer make it consume significant influence.

Comparison Table: Woofer vs Subwoofer

Parameters Woofer Subwoofer

Frequency 40- 2500 Hz 20- 200 Hz

Size Relatively small-time( 3-8 inches) Sizable (8 -2 0 inches)

Drivers Multiple(2-4) Single

Power Consumption Relatively low-pitched( 10 -1 00 W) High(200-1000W) Powering the Driver Through external amplifier Through inbuilt amplifier

Cost Relatively Low Relatively High

Woofer vs Subwoofer: Why They Are Different?

Here are the differences between a woofer and a subwoofer in detail.

Frequency Range

In general, a woofer can procreate chime in the frequency range of 40 to 1000 Hz. However, there are some specialized woofers accessible that can produce sound in the frequency scope of 40 to 2500 Hz. With this wide frequency range, you can label the woofers as mid-woofers.

On the contrary, a subwoofer can reproduce resound in the frequency straddle of 20 to 120. However, there are some specialized subwoofers also available that can produce phone in the frequency range of 20 to 200 Hz.

Since subwoofers can create “sub-level” frequency reverberate, they are labeled as “sub” woofers. Furthermore, apart from the traditional subwoofers, there are certain rotary or propeller subwoofers that can produce audio below 20 Hz.


The structure of a subwoofer is larger than a woofer. This is because of the various components of a subwoofer. Firstly, there is generally a pitch-black enclosure that not only protects the system but too chants the output. “Theres been” a passive radiator whose function is to release the excess pressure that builds up in the system. Instead of a radiator, there could be port ducts to perform the same job.

The most important components are the amplifier and the woofer present inside the main body. The woofer appoints the sound waves while the amplifier amplifies the different levels of bang. The bigger the surfaces, the deeper the bass is likely to be. Therefore, a subwoofer is relatively larger than a woofer.

However, there are some large-sized woofers accessible but they fall in the exception category. In general, the dimensions of the a woofer can differ depending on between 3-8 inches while the dimensions of the a subwoofer motleys in between 8-20 inches.

Multitude of Drivers

Woofers generally have variou motorists. You will come across woofers that mention 2-way or 3-way driver systems. A 2-way woofer contains 2 drives, namely a woofer and a tweeter. A 3-way woofer contains a woofer, a tweeter, and an additional midrange driver. There are also 4-way subwoofers accessible with an additional super-tweeter.

On the contrary, a subwoofer generally contains only one driver. Nonetheless, there are some custom-made subwoofers accessible with various drivers. Moreover, there could be multiple subwoofers inside one enclosing and thereby having multiple drivers.

Strength Consumption

A woofer destroys less ability than a subwoofer. This is because a subwoofer has to stumbled the lowest range of frequencies, and the amplifier inside a subwoofer has to draw more dominance to get the job done.

If you have a subwoofer on your car’s audio system, when the artillery is on a low-grade fee, and your subwoofer hits a low-spirited bass tone, you will see the lights of the car getting dim. This is because of the need to draw excess power.

On the contrary, a woofer are not required to stumbled such low-spirited frequencies, and hence, it requires less power. However, if there is a special low-frequency driver, the power consumption could be slightly higher.

But it will never cross the power consumption of a subwoofer. In general, the power consumption of the woofer was different from 10 -1 00 W while that of the subwoofer varies from 200 -1 000 W.

Powering the Driver

Woofers are basically passive subwoofers when it is necessary to powering the drivers. Woofers are powered by an external amplifier which likewise powers the regular speakers.

On the contrary, the active subwoofers come with their own amplifier to strength the motorist. This is necessary to get the best out of the subwoofer, and the dedicated amplifier elevates the strength of the input signal. Moreover, there could be an inbuilt crossover for filtering out high-pitched frequencies. This is also the reason why the setup of a subwoofer is slightly involved in comparison to a woofer.

Conclusion- Which One Is Better?

There is no definite answer to this question because it totally depends on your requirements. If you need very low-frequency sound so that you can get a rich bass effect, the subwoofer is the best for you.

You can get heart-thumping bass impressions and licks like you get at gatherings. Therefore, it is suitable for home theater structures. If you just wanted to merely improve the overall voice aspect of your sound system, a woofer is best suited for you, thanks to its wider frequency assortment. Therefore, it is more suitable for automobile audio systems.

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