A exhaustive study into how startups will work in the future, in the wake of the global COVID-9 pandemic, has been launched by UK non-profit Founders Forum. The initiative comes in the wake of a number of organizations announcing gave roles endings and’ Work From Home’ policies.

The group hopes the COVID-1 9 Workplace Survey will give the startup society actionable data in order that benefactors can see critical decisions regarding their return to work strategy and service providers( including accelerator programs, co-working gaps and investors) can best support startups in a “post-COVID-19” world.

The initiative was started by Brent Hoberman, co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Founders Forum, Founders Factory and firstminute capital.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Hoberman said: “Founders are having to manufacture critical decisions about their return to work strategy in isolation”. He says the survey aims to measure” the current activity being taken by benefactors of early-stage businesses regarding their office cavities and remote job policies” as well as” employee sentiment about returning to the workplace “. This will then help” leader both benefactors and service providers on what can be done to improve the situation for these startups and their employees”.

The COVID-1 9 Workplace Survey is an anonymous inspect designed to answer these core questions 😛 TAGEND

Are startups re-opening their offices? If not, when do they plan to do so? As soon as the UK government advises that it’s safe to do so? This time? Next time? What safety measures are they taking in order to do so? Beyond this, how has COVID-1 9 reformed thinking adjacent remote employment programmes?

Hoberman illustrated: “We crave benefactors to know the answer to’ How are other Founders changing their workplace strategy? ’ “.

He added that founders also need to understand how each employee’s remote work environment forces their opinion on remote work programs taken forward, given there is no one-size-fits-all mixture:” What do different demographics truly demand in the way of remote work ?”.

For service providers like co-working infinites, they are able to also catch out what startups will demand from their workplaces( e.g resilient desk gap, shared meeting rooms) in the post-lockdown environment.

The survey will run for the next 10 epoches and the results will be published on TechCrunch.

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